What's Coming To Amazon Prime In May? There Are Some Exciting Titles To Watch Out For

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As if we didn't already have enough reasons to stay on our couch for every weekend for the rest of our lives with cable, Netflix, HBOGo, now we have Amazon Prime in the live-streaming mix as well, here to encourage our binge watching aspirations. In addition to mind-blowingly great shows like Transparent, they're also constantly adding new titles to their live-streaming and for-purchase collections. I guess because they love/hate us and they never want us to be productive ever again. I'd be mad if it wasn't exactly what I wanted.

True to form, Amazon Prime has just announced the movies and TV shows they'll be adding for May 2015, and I gotta say — it's a lot of doozies. But since I know one of the most intimidating things about any streaming service is the sheer numbers of options that exist, I've picked out the eight titles coming next month that you should be most excited about. With a little dedication, you should be able to knock them out in one binge watch-filled weekend. Or feel free to break for food and naps and stepping outside to let sunshine touch your skin like a human person. It's really up to you.

Image: AMC

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