HowAboutWe Launches Free On-Demand Dating Service 'Tonight', So You Can Eliminate The Chatting And Meet Up With Matches The Same Night

We’ve all been there. There’s just so much effort you to have put in order to get that dating profile just right. What’s even worse is the actual “online dating” experience. I mean, there’s all this swipe left, swipe right, click here, and click there. When you finally find a potential interest, there’s the whole back and forth making sure you’re not a sketchball messaging phase. Even after all of that, you’re still not guaranteed an actual date. But HowAboutWe's new app feature lets users set up a date TONIGHT.

HowAboutWe was founded by Aaron Schildkrout and Brian Schecter in 2010 after they realized that online dating companies were designed to keep people “online and subscribed” instead of “offline and in love.” Through its re-launch, the app now includes a “Pool,” or a swipe-based feed for matches, “Connections,” a highly targeted daily set of potential matches, and a new feature called, “Tonight,” which allows users to hook up for a date, well, tonight.

Getting the whole online dating thing right is hard. I mean, there’s just so much to think about. Like, what kind of picture makes my face look cute? Not to mention the whole profile ordeal. I mean, what really counts as activities? Because sleeping, eating, and watching Netflix is like my thing.

Users tell the app they’re down for a date. Then, Tonight gives them a list of potential matches who are also available. A user chooses who they like and the app will introduce them via text message and suggest they make date arrangements. In short, it's like dating-on-demand.

Tagged as the "offline dating site," HowAboutWe encourages users to cut back on the online and get to the dating. After all, isn't that why people do online dating in the first place? To find actual real-life dates? Not just sit around and exchange emojis all day. That's no fun.

With HowAboutWe, users are able to find their matches based on what they like to do. The question, "What's your ideal date?" will actually mean something because you're hopefully going to be out there going on it.

Depending on length, membership ranges from $10/month to $20/month. Messaging back and forth between mutual matches are free, but if you're looking to score outside a match, you need to pay the upgrade.

So, if you're tired of all the back and forth what's your favorite color convos, then HowAboutWe actually go out and do something?

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