Kate Moss Makes Clogs Cool Again

The queen of classically casual style has done it again. According to Vogue, clogs are back in style, in large part due to Kate Moss and her glorious legs. Swapping out her stilettos for something more traditional, the model and fashion designer hit the streets wearing clogs to show us that we will follow anywhere — no matter what shoes she's wearing while leading us.

It's no secret that great trends tend to reoccur. I've been waiting for someone brave enough to try this bohemian trend on for size again, and Moss has done the deed. The laid-back fashionista is trekking into summer trends with a pair of buff-leathered clogs that are sure to see the sunshine in the upcoming months.

Pairing the clunky, '70s-inspired style with simple grey skinny jeans and a black top, Moss gaves us another fabulous take on how to dress for a casual day out. The clog, which is great for adding a little bit of extra style to a straightforward look, is perfect for everything from running errands to spending afternoon poolside.

Last year we saw the return of the Birkenstock, but this year we'll be adding something a bit more bold. Taking Moss' lead, we'll be stomping into summer looking as fabulous as ever.

But before you turn your head to what was once thought of as a dying trend, open your eyes to the countless ways that clog can fit with your personal style. Whether they're paired with the jeans and a top or a patterned sundress, the shoes will add a bohemian touch. Here's how you can channel the supermodel.

Ease into the trend with the Belmont Leather Clogs that are the perfect fit for any spring or summer trend. The adjustable strap with their rubber sole makes for the perfect way to transition into a new season comfortably. Dressed down in cargo pants or with a funky flare in socks, these shoes will bring a vintage aesthetic and Moss-like feel to any look.

For those of you ready to jump into the trend head first, try out the Chemistry Covered Clog. These hippie inspired sling backs won't make you choose between style and comfort with their cushioned leather insoles. In either tan or a Moss-approved grey, these bad boys give a new spin on the old-school shoe.

To get a more traditional clog feel, step into the Cross Town Slip-On Clogs, with wooden bottoms and leather straps. But no fear — the rubber sole will keep you able to strut this trend comfortably.

Images: Free People(3)