Will Cosima & Delphine Break Up For Good On 'Orphan Black'? Season 3 Could Introduce A New Love Interest

Clone Club is almost back in session and I'm feeling the familiar pangs of worry and anticipation for all my favorite characters on Orphan Black. So much was left in the air at the end of last season in terms of the mythology and the relationships. What is the fate of Cosima and Delphine's relationship on Orphan Black? Cal and Sarah seemed to be on again at the end of last season. Even Alison and Donnie are adjusting to being a team on the same side. However, in the Season 2 finale, Delphine was re-assigned by Rachel to the Germany office without so much as a goodbye. With all that happened in the finale, we didn't really get to see the fallout from that shock. They're able to email one another, but will this relationship continue long-distance?

Their relationship has been rocky since Season 1. Heck, Cosima pursued Delphine romantically knowing full well that she was her Monitor and couldn't really be trusted. That's a lot of lies to build a romance on, even for a show like Orphan Black, and the deception has only continued since that jumping off point. However, their personal relationship was sweet and seemed to grow into something real. Cosima's illness forced them to work together even when their feelings were complicated. Now that Cosima has presumably left the country, what next? Evelyne Brochu has not left the show, so we can only expect more drama.

The Dark Side

Has Delphine Cornier gone full Dyad Institute on us? She's got evil looking straight hair and she's hanging with James Frain, who is known for playing diabolical characters on shows such as True Blood, Agent Carter, Grimm and The Tudors. Even BBC America's official description of this new character is foreboding.

"[Ferdinand] is a well-educated, cool to the touch, charming and intimidating, “cleaner.” A powerful player in a secretive, multi-national cabal, he acts with questionable ethics and a ruthless modus operandi. His association with the Dyad Institute could mean big trouble for the Leda clones."

As strong as Evelyne Brochu's chemistry is with Tatiana Maslany, I was always a little bit suspicious of Delphine. Don't get me wrong, I was suspicious of the other Monitors, Paul and Donnie, as well. However, Cosima is far too smart and cool to get tricked, and I don't want Delphine to be evil!

Someone New

I know Project Castor and the addition of boy clones has some fans worried that this show will lose some of its feminist edge, but never fear. Not only is Tatiana Maslany the heroine we need forever, there are new female characters on the way as well. Lost Girl's Ksenia Solo is joining Orphan Black this season as Shay. According to BBC America's website,

"[Shay] is a beautiful, soulful woman with a great sense of humor, [and] the least flaky ‘holistic healer’ you’ll ever meet – and a new friend for our broken-hearted Cosima."

I don't want to jump to any 'shipping conclusions, but this could be an excellent match. A hard scientist and a holistic healer? The "geek monkey" is sure to be fascinated by Shay's methods. Plus, if you've seen Tsenia Solo as Kenzi on Lost Girl than you already know that she has a fun energy and will almost certainly hit it off with Cosima.

In an interview with AfterEllen, Jordan Gavaris, who plays Felix, hinted that "...it's pretty obvious that there’s a bit of friction between Delphine and Cosima. There’s a lot going on. Delphine’s loyalty is kind of messy."

He also warned fans not to take the press releases that hint at a Cosima/Shay relationship too seriously. Is he teasing or spoiling us? I'd be interested to see Cosima explore other relationships on the show now that Delphine is on another path. However, you don't need to go far on Tumblr to see that "Co-Phine" is one of the most popular 'ships in the Clone Club. There may be a few bumps and fresh starts ahead, but I don't think that Cosima and Delphine's story is over just yet.

Images: Steve Wilkie/BBC America (2)