How Many People Drink Before Having Sex?

Since the very first time the term “rock ‘n’ roll” was used in the late 1940s, it has been synonymous with sex and drugs. They just happen to be three great things that go great together just as naturally as apple pie and vanilla ice cream. The thinking is if you’re going to live a life of excess, you might as well not half ass it, so that means indulging in all three pleasures, and most specifically, all three at once. So, does drinking make sex better? Do drugs? What about music?

A survey by sex toy company, Adam & Eve, found that when it comes to sex, alcohol or drug use, and music things aren’t exactly what we once thought. Although of those surveyed who partook in drugs or alcohol before getting it on, 79 percent said that the substance positively affected their sexual experience while only 21 percent could say it had a negative impact, slightly 50 percent don’t do drugs or drink before sex at all. Apparently life isn’t like Almost Famous after all ― what a total let down.

Here are six other things about sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll that are going to blow a whole bunch of assumptions right out of the water.

1. Less People Drink Before Sex Than You Think

Despite the fact that the majority of people think drinking or doing drugs before sex makes it better, only one percent of people get drunk or high every time before they do it. In contrast, 28 percent never get wasted before going to bed with someone and 33 percent, the highest percentage, get effed up before getting it on “sometimes.” Apparently, these people don’t live in New York City.

2. The Majority Of People Don’t Do Drugs Before Having Sex

What the wha ―? A whopping 71 percent have never taken an illegal substance before having sex, like, ever. But for those who did opt to get high, the majority of that, at 27 percent, chose to smoke week, which, to be honest, is hardly an “illegal” substance anymore. Although not exactly known as drugs that are good to have sex on, because they can kill an erection, are cocaine and heroin, at eight percent and one percent, respectively.

3. Having Sex On Drugs Is A Mixed Bag

While most respondents in the survey said drugs are good for sex, that isn’t always the case. For example, both marijuana and ecstasy have positive effects on the body, but when mixed with sex, can be a bit of a problem. Ecstasy can suck the body dry, making natural lubrication non-existent and although weed can add to arousal, it can also backfire ― and anyone who’s ever suffered from paranoia from cheap pot can attest to the fact that that is no fun whatsoever during sex.

4. Most People Prefer To Not Listen To Music During Sex

As someone who put together a mix CD in college appropriately titled “Songs To F*ck To,” with my roommate one night when we were high (of course), this one sort of surprises me, but apparently only 39 percent of people want music on when they’re having sex. For those who do listen to music while doing it, 52 percent say it “creates a setting,” and 12 percent says it puts them in the mood. That latter group would appreciate my mix CD.

Also, 40 percent of those surveyed, who will also be getting a copy of my CD, said that music played during sex is “more arousing than their partner’s physical touch.”

5. Rock Is Actually Not The Most Popular Music For Getting In The Mood

For unexplained reasons that are likely to keep me up for weeks, the most popular sexy time music, at 29 percent, is “easy listening.” I’m not even kidding. Not far behind at 25 percent is rock, then pop at eight percent, classical at seven percent, country at five percent, hip hop at four percent, then at 21 percent is the “other” category, which leads me to believe is a delightful combo of blues and ska, with a dash of polka.

6. There Are People In The World Listening To Coldplay During Sex

According to Spotify, the top 10 songs to have sex to really run the gamut. At number one is one of my personal favorites, “Intro,” by the xx, along with “Magic” by Coldplay, “From Eden” by Hozier, and a bunch of other songs by LP, Zella Day, Fou de Toi, and Chet Faker.

But trust me on the xx song. You really want to give that one a listen.

Images: Carlsberg Group/Flickr; Giphy(6)