The Beer Calorie Equivalent To Fast Food Is Heartbreaking, And Will Definitely Have You Reconsidering Happy Hour

We seldom consider the caloric intake of that post-workday martini, thinking it a reward for hard week of meetings, project development, and successfully avoiding Joe the incessant office chatter. But surprise, surprise -- no matter how much we delude ourselves, the fact still remains that alcohol is really bad for you (unless you’re one of those “one glass of wine with dinner” types, in which case, carry on).

Given that April is Alcohol Awareness Month, new research from FindTheBest compared the provided calories for a number of our favorite foods (yes, pizza made the list) and matched them to the caloric equivalent of alcoholic beverages. This is math that you could probably do in your head but don’t because denial is a cruel mistress.

For those of us whose love of Dominos (please spare me, I already know) is non-negotiable, consider this: two beers is equivalent to eating two slices of their pizza, so keep that in mind when tailgating. Also, for any cookie enthusiasts out there, you can apparently eat 44 Oreos before reaching the calorie equivalent of four beers. It's a very sad day for those of us who've convinced ourselves that midnight drunchies don't actually count against your caloric intake.

Go ahead and run your mouse over the following charts:

Fast-Food Caloric Equivalents by Number of Beers

Cumulative Calories per Alcoholic Beverage

Sorry I've ruined your weekend plans.

Images courtesy of FindTheBest