Is 'Revenge' Canceled? 2015 Could Be Its Last Trip To The Hamptons

It's been an exciting four years since Emily Thorne first returned to the Hamptons in a quest to avenge her father's death. But now with the Season 4 finale right around the corner and no news from the network in sight, fans can't help but worry that Revenge won't be renewed for a fifth season. So is it possible that ABC will take a red sharpie to the series and cancel it altogether? Though I'd be extremely sad to part ways with many of these beloved characters (especially the likes of Jack Porter and Nolan Ross), I can't help but wonder if maybe it's for the best.

After all, the main purpose behind Revenge was to allow Emily the chance to get revenge on her father's enemies. But now that David Clarke is alive and well, the show has been struggling to find a new focus this season. First Victoria was the one that wanted revenge, then Margaux, and now it's back to Victoria again. So instead of attempting to muddle through another entire season full of back and forth story arcs, wouldn't it be better to see this series end in a blaze of glory (like an true Grayson party) while it's still got a little steam left in its engines? And evidently, it seems that the writers may be of the same exact mind.

Those of you who have been paying close attention to Sunday night's upcoming episode titled "Burn," may have noticed some rather suspicious wording found throughout the clip…

Things like "be there for the final four episodes" sounds extremely revealing, especially since it's not followed immediately by the words "of the season." Could this be the network's way of hinting to fans that another year of sharpie-play just isn't in the cards? Adding further fuel to this growing fire, the promo also seems to indicate that all of the show's lose ends will be tied up by that point in time, reading: "The war between Emily Thorne and Victoria Grayson will end."

But wait… if their feud officially ends, then where can the storyline go from here? Perhaps it can't, and that's precisely the point. Emily says it herself in the promo: "I'm done for good." Umm, can you say foreshadowing? I'm sorry, folks, but between the show's lackluster season, dismal ratings, and now this, I'm willing to bet that Revenge already has both feet out the door. I mean, even last week's episode felt like the beginnings of a series finale, thanks in large part to all the flashbacks provided as Emily recounted her transformation from Amanda Clarke to Emily Thorne.

However, just for argument's sake, let's say that ABC does, in fact, take pity on the series and grant it with a surprising Season 5 pick-up. I highly doubt it would be for its usual 20-something episode run, but rather just a small handful of episodes that would allow the characters to tie up any remaining loose ends. But even that feels unlikely at this point.

Either way, I'd start preparing yourselves if I were you. Because with the way things are currently looking, our trips to the Hamptons may be numbered.

Images: Richard Cartwright/ABC; Danny Feld/ABC; Giphy