11 Summer Movies Guaranteed To Make You Cry, From 'Tangerine' To 'Trainwreck'

About a year ago, something interesting happened: instead of releasing action-packed, superhero-starring movies all summer long, studios decided to go a different route. Sure, they still put a few requisite big-budget films in the mix, but for the most part, the biggest releases of the summer didn't star Captain Marvel or Tony Stark. Instead, they followed real, regular people — and, perhaps even more unbelievably, many of these movies were meant to make you cry.

Between The Fault in Our Stars , Boyhood , If I Stay and more, last summer was filled with low-key tearjerkers, the kind of movies you wouldn't normally expect to find up against sci-fi blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy. Clearly, though, the change-up worked; the question is, will studios repeat the formula once more?

Not exactly. While there are certainly a few upsetting movies in this summer's mix, most of the films, while not necessarily superhero flicks, are emotional in... different ways. Oh, they'll still make you cry — it just might not be for the reasons you expect. Read on to find out why these 11 summer movies are going to reduce you to tears.

Image: Fox Searchlight

'The Diary of a Teenage Girl'

You’ll Cry Because: The young heroine’s exploration of her sexuality — often in unhealthy and even dangerous ways — will feel poignant and real.

See It: August 7

Image: Sony

'The End of the Tour'

You’ll Cry Because: Watching David Foster Wallace at his prime is a reminder of how upsetting his death was, and how much the literary world lost as a result.

See It: July 6

Image: A24


You’ll Cry Because: Self-recognition. So, so much self-recognition.

See It: July 17

Image: Universal

'Me and Earl and the Dying Girl'

You’ll Cry Because: Seeing a teenager suffer from cancer, and watching her helpless friends struggle to process the gravity of her situation, is guaranteed to make any viewer tear up.

See It: June 12

Image: Fox Searchlight

'Magic Mike XXL'

You’ll Cry Because: You’re very, very overwhelmed.

See It: July 1

Image: Warner Bros.

'Insidious: Chapter 3'

You’ll Cry Because: You’re so terrified that it’s the only emotion that makes sense.

See It: June 5

Image: Focus Features


You’ll Cry Because: The story of transgender prostitutes struggling to get by in L.A. will undoubtedly move you.

See It: July 10

Image: Magnolia

'Jurassic World'

You’ll Cry Because: You can’t believe you didn’t appreciate chubby/funny Chris Pratt when you had the chance.

See It: June 12

Image: Universal


You’ll Cry Because: It’s about the friendship between a dog and his dead owner’s family, and how they help each other heal. You sobbing yet?

See It: June 26

Image: Warner Bros.


You’ll Cry Because: You’ll be laughing that hard.

See It: June 5

Image: 20th Century Fox

'Batkid Begins'

You’ll Cry Because: You cried when Batkid took San Fransisco by storm back in 2013. Now, you get to see it again, but with sad music and cheers from the audience. Bring tissues.

See It: June 26

Image: New Line