11 Summer Movies Guaranteed To Make You Cry, From 'Tangerine' To 'Trainwreck'

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About a year ago, something interesting happened: instead of releasing action-packed, superhero-starring movies all summer long, studios decided to go a different route. Sure, they still put a few requisite big-budget films in the mix, but for the most part, the biggest releases of the summer didn't star Captain Marvel or Tony Stark. Instead, they followed real, regular people — and, perhaps even more unbelievably, many of these movies were meant to make you cry.

Between The Fault in Our Stars , Boyhood , If I Stay and more, last summer was filled with low-key tearjerkers, the kind of movies you wouldn't normally expect to find up against sci-fi blockbusters like Guardians of the Galaxy. Clearly, though, the change-up worked; the question is, will studios repeat the formula once more?

Not exactly. While there are certainly a few upsetting movies in this summer's mix, most of the films, while not necessarily superhero flicks, are emotional in... different ways. Oh, they'll still make you cry — it just might not be for the reasons you expect. Read on to find out why these 11 summer movies are going to reduce you to tears.

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