Bullseye May Already Be In 'Daredevil'

It's been a week, and Netflix still hasn't renewed Daredevil for Season 2. Weird, right? Like, while I wish I made the programming calls for Netflix, I don't, but I can assume it's coming back, right? I feel like this is a really safe bet to make, considering it's been a week and everyone is still talking about it. Rather than dwell on the fact that it's yet to snag that Season 2 renewal, let's go ahead and speculate as to what will happen come this assumed Season 2. Daredevil's going to need to expand its character roster, and they might have already hinted that Bullseye will make an appearance in Season 2. That would be awesome.

Bullseye, just like Wilson Fisk, is a huge Daredevil baddie in the comics. He's a skilled marksmen, and is adept at using just about anything as a projectile weapon. He's also been around the Marvel Universe a few times before, too, and not only has a huge vendetta against Daredevil, but gets wound up trying to take down many different Avengers, and also some X-Men, too. It would make sense to bring him into this ever expanding MCU, because he wouldn't just have to stick to Hell's Kitchen after a while.

Showrunner Steven DeKnight has already suggested that Bullseye will show up come this (still supposed) Season 2. In talking to SciFiNow, he mentioned that "there are so many stories to tell. The Hand, Elektra, Bullseye… with a 13-episode arc you don’t have to rush it; you can explore. That’s not to say we are going to do Bullseye and Elektra, but it’s on the radar."

It's safe to say that Bullseye has made it into the writers' room — we'll have to wait and see if he makes it to the screen. But it's also possible that he's already made an appearance on Daredevil... I can't take credit for this amazing Easter egg, because I did NOT see it coming. Mike Cecchini over at Den of Geek has an amazing run down of every single tiny thing that happened over the course of Daredevil's 13-episodes. One of those things is a subtle shoutout to Bullseye.

In episode 6, "Condemned," Daredevil and the Russian are stuck in the warehouse with the police outside. There's a sniper on the roof — who ultimately shoots Detective Blake — and if you look closely, this sniper has the Bullseye calling card — a deck of cards. Watching this episode, I honestly thought it was a little weird that the action lingered on this unnamed and masked sniper for so long, but thinking of it as Bullseye totally makes sense now. I'm a believer.

Bullseye loves to use cards as weapons (the Colin Farrell version of Bullseye in 2003's Daredevil liked cards, too). Bullseye in the comics was never a trained sniper, per say, but making him one for Netflix's Daredevil would be an excellent choice and bring his story into a real world setting. So DeKnight can coyly suggest that he'll make an appearance in Season 2, but it sort of seems like they've been prepping for him all along.

Plus, let's not forget that Ben Urich tracks the Kingpin on playing cards. Those cards could just be his organizational tool of choice, but it could also be another little hint at what's to come. He gives the box to Karen Page in the very end, so if I were writing Daredevil Season 2, I'd bring Bullseye to Nelson and Murdock, and have him use Ben's cards as his first weapon.

I am, however, not writing Daredevil Season 2, and instead patiently waiting for it. Bullseye or no Bullseye, it's going to be amazing. But please bring in Bullseye, guys.

Image: Barry Wetcher, screengrab/Netflix