Zayn Maik Debuts New Hair (Or Lack Of It) & He's Not The Only Celeb To Show Off A New Look Post-Career Change

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For someone who wanted to take some time away from the spotlight of fame, Zayn Malik sure is making a lot of headlines these days. The former member of One Direction made his first public appearance at the 2015 Asian Awards on Friday in London: And though he adorably arrived with his mother by his side, Zayn Malik made headlines for debuting new hair (or, well, lack of it). Considering Malik's hair was a HUGE part of his One Direction identity (I'm not kidding, people lost their minds over Malik's follicles), this new buzz cut is a clear sign he's going through quite a lot of change at the moment.

Malik's shaved head isn't quite as controversial as it has been for other celebs, however it sort of does indicate that the star is trying to shake off his One Direction look — and he's not the only celebrity to change looks after making a big life and career move. Let's take a look at a few others.

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