RIP, Zayn Malik's Gorgeous Head Of Hair

by Hayli Goode

One Direction/Zayn Malik fans, sit down for this one. As if he hasn't already put us through enough emotional trauma after leaving One Direction, Zayn Malik has shaved his hair off. The former 1D'er arrived at the Asian Awards the night of April 17 with a completely buzzed head. And we're all just like why?

If you've watched any One Direction music videos, you know that Malik opens (or should I say opened) nearly every song. He has the voice of an angel and he had the hair to match. But this new look has left me wondering if he's having a post-One Direction identity crisis. There are better, more healthy ways to deal with a breakup, Zayn! Or maybe this is just the first step toward gaining his own independence and the symbolic start of his rumored solo-career? Either way, I am not a fan.

Don't get me wrong, he still looks majorly attractive. But need I remind him, and you, of all the times we've ooh'ed and ahh'ed over Malik's stunning locks? Not only do we have to miss the singer as a presence in the band that made him famous, but now we also have to mourn the loss of his glossy hair!

Malik took his mom as a date to the Asian Awards, instead of his fiancée, Perrie Edwards, whose mother is also a hairstylist (is she the culprit?). It's a very sweet gesture for someone who is trying to be "a normal 22-year-old," but I'm getting mixed signals. Life isn't fair and it's all too much change to handle. What is going on with you Zayn?

In January, Malik teased all of us when he shaved off the sides of his hair, but this is still a pretty huge leap. Take a look at Malik's new buzzcut and let us know what you think. RIP, Zayn's gorgeous hair.


Image: Getty Images