Kiernan Shipka Spoofs Britney Spears In Old 'Jimmy Kimmel' Video & It's The Best Child Acting I've Ever Seen — VIDEO

Betty Draper would NOT be happy with the clip that Jimmy Kimmel showed of Kiernan Shipka spoofing Britney Spears on Thursday night's show — but I certainly am. Our beloved Sally Draper was on the show to talk with Jimmy Kimmel, and revealed that she got her start doing bits on the show when she was just six years old (and even remembers Jimmy singing her a lullaby, awww). The one he pulled out of the vault on Thursday's show shows Shipka playing a young girl in a Britney Spears' dance class, who learned some... interesting lessons from Brit Brit.

I am very grateful that Kimmel helped Shipka in her early career. The beautiful 15-year-old actress, with better poise than I could ever dream of, said that she found out she had booked Mad Men when she was in the Jimmy Kimmel Live! parking lot. I never thought I would see a clip featuring a tiny Sally Draper with a fake pregnant belly, but here we are. And the video it gets even nuttier at the end.

I'm not going to TOTALLY ruin the surprise, because it's worth the payoff to watch the video, but I will say that this was just after 2007 (which Britney survived, so you can make it through this day).