'Sex And The City' Outfit Inspiration For Every Day Of The Week, Because That Newspaper Dress Is Perfect For Friday

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I have been studying since I was a pre-teen for this moment. I, Samantha Schnurr, have been tasked with styling a hypothetical week of outfits using only Sex And the City outfits. In preparation for this holy task, I revisited every episode of the six season series and memorized every slip dress, every Manolo Blahnik, and every Cosmo seen on-screen — for you, of course.

Now, we hail these four women as the HBO queens of fashion, but not every outfit was a hit —some, in fact, were barely wearable. (C'mon, Carrie. Don't try to pretend you just had a million layer ballgown lying around waiting to get flown to Paris.) But I digress. Instead, the goal of this project was to pick the most glamorous looks, while still maintaining some kind of hold on reality. I wanted the inspiration to be feasible, people!

Without further ado, feast your eyes on a full week's worth of outfit picks fit for any occasion. From a visit with the rents to a romantic evening with a new flame, the ladies of Sex And The City wore just the thing you're looking for.

Image: James Devaney/WireImage/Getty Images

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