Why Rose Beauty Products Are The Absolute Best, Plus Which Ones To Try First

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There is a reason why roses (and rose beauty products) are synonymous with beautiful skin. Rose's essential oils and chemical composition keep it supple, soft, and full of volatile scent compounds. The leathery feel of a rose petal is one not soon forgotten, much like the touch of baby soft skin. You can get close to that degree of softness on your own skin by simply working some rose in anywhere you can!

Usually when I do a product roundup based on a specific ingredient, the options are sometimes limited, but with rose there are a serious amount of choices out there! Of course, there are tons of luxury rosewater products, but you can find plenty in the drugstore aisles as well. Also out of the ordinary? Nearly everything I tested for this roundup was phenomenal. That is pretty rare, but a week of trying a different moisturizer every night resulted in smooth, lovely skin as opposed to the usual trials and tribulations of potential failure.

Without further ado, I present you seven ways to add more rose into your life. I promise, you won't regret it.

Images: Darnell Scott

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