15 Crazy 'Sex And The City' Outfits Too Bonkers To Even Try And Replicate

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The Roman Empire fell, Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency, and Carrie Bradshaw once wore an American flag pencil skirt. As every wise high school history teacher across the country touts to their students, we must learn from history or we are bound to repeat it. So, the time has come to reflect on the poor fashion decisions of our favorite girl gang from HBO, the women of Sex and the City, to protect ourselves from inevitable doom. Thankfully, these outfits are too crazy to even try and replicate.

While most turn a blind eye to their fashion failures and selectively remember their knockout looks only, I can't ethically give them a free pass anymore. From bandanas and rock band-themed jumpsuits to cowboy hats and ruffled prairie skirts, it is clear we have four couture convicts on our hands. Thankfully, they pulled it together for the final season of the show, but we will #neverforget these fashion faux pas of yesteryear.

Image: HBO

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