12 Tea Cocktail Recipes So Delicious, You'll Never Want To Drink Tea Without Booze Again

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A steaming hot cup of herbal tea will always be delicious, but in the warmer days of spring and summer, no one wants to drink something that is going to make them even hotter. It's finally time to start cooling down our tea for something a little bit more refreshing. While we're at it, why not add some booze into the mix? A good tea cocktail is exactly what you need after a long, stressful day.

It might sound odd to add liquor to your favorite herbal tea, but I promise you it's not. These boozy concoctions mix together fruity, sweet flavors with just the right amount of alcohol for a very tasty result. Sure, these are great to mix together in big batches for one of those awesome summer BBQs that we're inching closer towards, but they're just as great for when you're home alone, looking for some liquid comfort. Need some ideas? These 12 tea cocktail recipes are so good that I bet you'll never want to drink tea without booze again.

Image: Simply Delicious Food

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