12 Tea Cocktail Recipes So Delicious, You'll Never Want To Drink Tea Without Booze Again

A steaming hot cup of herbal tea will always be delicious, but in the warmer days of spring and summer, no one wants to drink something that is going to make them even hotter. It's finally time to start cooling down our tea for something a little bit more refreshing. While we're at it, why not add some booze into the mix? A good tea cocktail is exactly what you need after a long, stressful day.

It might sound odd to add liquor to your favorite herbal tea, but I promise you it's not. These boozy concoctions mix together fruity, sweet flavors with just the right amount of alcohol for a very tasty result. Sure, these are great to mix together in big batches for one of those awesome summer BBQs that we're inching closer towards, but they're just as great for when you're home alone, looking for some liquid comfort. Need some ideas? These 12 tea cocktail recipes are so good that I bet you'll never want to drink tea without booze again.

Image: Simply Delicious Food

White Peach and Green Tea Bellinis

Make good use of the fruit that’s in season right now — like peaches. This “bellini” mixes fresh white peaches with Teavana peach green tea lemonade. If you want to be more natural, mix it with straight chilled green tea, but I’m sure either way is delicious!

Recipe and Photo: My Name Is Yeh

Owl’s Pina

For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Owl’s Brew, I’m so happy I get to tell you about it. The Owl’s Brew makes so many amazing teas that are specially made to be mixed into cocktails. It’s a healthier option for those who care about calories, but it’s also just a really delicious option. This recipe uses the Coco-Lada tea and rum for its own version of a pina colada.

Recipe and Photo: The Owl’s Brew

The Gin Goblin

Cucumber, mint, and green tea come together to make a cocktail that is perfectly refreshing for a hot summer afternoon. The addition of honey and kiwis keep it sweet, and the gin pulls everything together.

Recipe and Photo: Sugar and Charm

Tipsy Lemonade Iced Tea

On warm days, few things are more refreshing than an ice cold Arnold Palmer… unless it involves alcohol, of course. This recipe creates your own iced tea/lemonade mix with lemon juice and tea bags, then adds citrus vodka for even more delicious flavor.

Recipe and Photo: Family Fresh Cooking

Brew LaLa

You might not think that tea and beer would be a good combination, but this recipe would you prove you wrong. Mix the Pink & Black brew (a Darjeeling with hibiscus) from The Owl’s Brew with the beer of your choice, and add some salt around the rim. Voila! Summery, refreshing cocktail.

Recipe and Photo: The Owl’s Brew

Bourbon Peach Sweet Tea

Sweet tea still counts as tea, right? Right, of course it does. This cocktail blends sweet tea with peach preserves and bourbon for a delicious concoction that will quickly become your new favorite summer drink.

Recipe and Photo: Host The Toast

Earl Grey Tea Cocktail

Want to keep things classy? Serve this drink from Sugar and Charm, which is just as great to look at as it is to drink. With a mix of Earl Grey, gin, lemon juice, and honey syrup, this has a nice touch of sweetness. The lavender sprigs add taste and make this look super impressive.

Recipe and Photo: Sugar and Charm

Rooibos Peach Tea Punch

Rooibos tea has a ton of health benefits, and it also happens to be really yummy — especially when combined with vodka and some fresh peaches. This drink is so easy to make, but it’s great because it combines so many awesome summer flavors in one glass.

Recipe and Photo: Simply Delicious Food


Why make a margarita with the traditional ingredients when you could make it with tea instead? This recipe uses Owl’s Brew Classic tea (English breakfast with a twist) with tequila and jalapeno for a spicy sweet treat no one will be able to resist.

Recipe and Photo: The Owl’s Brew

The Green Garden

If you want to feel super healthy while still managing to get drunk, go for this cocktail. It makes The Classic brew (English breakfast with a twist) with green juice of your choice, plus vodka and sake. Who said you can’t make green juice boozy?

Recipe and Photo: The Owl’s Brew

Sweet Tea Bourbon Cocktail

Sweet tea is made even sweeter with this cocktail. The addition of orange slices and fresh mint keeps this very refreshing — citrusy and sweet, it will become the drink you want to reach for every single afternoon.

Recipe and Photo: Joy The Baker

Green Tea Gimlet

This light, citrus cocktail is perfect for the day when you just want something simple that isn’t going to make you feel weighed down. It’s more of a savory drink than a sweet drink, so those of you who aren’t into fruity concoctions, listen up! This mixes fresh citrus flavors, green tea, and gin for a really great and different drink.

Recipe and Photo: Family Fresh Cooking