This Dog Helped Record His Owners' Marriage Proposal With A GoPro Camera, And Sorry, But I'm Pretty Sure A Cat Couldn't Do That — VIDEO

If this guy who set the bar way too high by proposing with a drone on a mountaintop just started a new era of GoPro proposals, then we definitely need more people to step up their game to make these viral vids worth our while. Kurt Gies of Philadelphia did just that when his dog helped him propose with a GoPro camera. Gies told NBC10/WCAU that he and now-fiancée Amanda Wiseman already had planned a trip to the beach where they met in Ocean City, N.J. (awww), and he wanted to think of a creative way to propose, but still make sure she was totally surprised. He knew he wanted the couple's dog Roo, whom they had rescued from a Philadelphia shelter two years ago (double awwww), to be involved in the special moment somehow. So he mounted the GoPro on Roo's harness and tried to play it cool until the perfect moment arrived.

What's funny is how Roo sits totally still during the entire proposal (you can even hear Wiseman say "Of course I will!"), but then the dog either hears a sound or gets bored and looks away like "whatever," just after Gies puts the ring on Wiseman's finger. At first, the couple wasn't sure Roo had recorded any of the proposal.


But Gies said when they got home and looked at the footage, they saw that Roo had turned her head at just the right time. And the moment in the video when they call the dog over is pretty adorable, because she is almost as excited as they are.

Kurt Gies on YouTube

Someone commented on the NBC10 story about Roo's harness, asking if the apparatus she's is wearing in the video was a muzzle, and Wiseman jumped in to correct them: It's a training harness that doesn't restrict the dog's mouth (for eating, licking, drinking, etc.) in any way. According to her Facebook page, Wiseman is a volunteer at the animal rescue facility where the couple adopted Roo. Come on, how can you help but fall in love with this family? I admit my bias toward dogs and dog people, but these are rescue dog people, pretty much the best kind.

Gies told NBC10 the couple is still scouting venues for their wedding, planned for sometime next years, but that they would love to have Roo be a part of it if they can. Cute as she is, Roo is probably not destined for a career as a wedding videographer. Probably a safe bet that they'll find another way for her to help them celebrate their next big day.

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