8 Iced Coffee Recipes With Alcohol That Totally Just Changed The Cold Brew Game

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After months of bitter cold, it's finally, finally, iced coffee season. It's that glorious, warm time of year when you can sit outside sipping an icy cup of your favorite cold brew, enjoying the sunshine without being bundled up in eight different layers. The only way you could make that scenario any more appealing? Try iced coffee with alcohol.

If you're looking for a cocktail with a kick, you can't do much better than an iced coffee drink. It's the perfect way to end a long day, or even the perfect way to start a long night. You can also make these cocktails for a homemade brunch, when it's totally acceptable to get a little tipsy before 11 a.m. The point is, you can do so much with these drinks, which is good, because you're definitely going to want to. Kick start spring with one of these recipes — my personal plan is to get through all of them before August. Check out these eight boozy iced coffee drinks that are easy to make and will leave you feeling more than just energized.

Image: Cooks With Cocktails

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