Marilyn Manson Was On 'Talking Dead' And Said Some Really Weird Stuff

A few strange things happened in the world of The Walking Dead last night, and not just on the show. Marilyn Manson showed up on Talking Dead for some reason to talk about the episode with host Chris Hardwick. You'd think that an aftershow would be more inclined to have people actually affiliated with the show appear — like, say, the actors — so Manson was a weird choice from the get-go. It got weirder, though, as the episode went on: Speaking to Hardwick, Manson began talking about The Walking Dead as if he'd never before seen the show, alleging that perhaps Carol was so tightly wound because she "hasn't gotten laid in a while" and that maybe her daughter Sophia was behind all the strange things going on at the prison. (Spoiler alert: Sophia has been dead for two seasons.)

There was a lot of noteworthy stuff to go through, but thanks to Uproxx, we have a few key moments to highlight. In which Manson gets offensive:

Marilyn Manson: No, but I think the recklessness of it. [Carol] was just making decisions on her own emotions. She’s mad about all the things in her life. Maybe, she hasn’t gotten laid in awhile. She’s like menstruating. Who knows what’s going on?Chris Hardwick: I’m not sure if I support those last two theories.

In which Manson doesn't understand feminism:

Marilyn Manson: I think she’s trying to be judge and jury, while Rick is trying to be civil. And he’s more let’s all decide, but he fell apart. And so you’ve got someone like her, and she’s burning those bodies. She’s suddenly like a feminist Sufragette City burning bras. I don’t think it was personal.Chris Hardwick: I don’t know if burning bras is the same as burning human beings alive.

In which Manson alleges he knew Shane was bad all along because of the way his ears were shaped:

Marilyn Manson: It’s strange, because I love that it’s a zombie show. It’s essentially about morality, and you’ve got Grimes who for the most part tried to do what he thought was right. But in a zombie-type situation, where there’s no rules, morality, it goes right back to basics. It’s almost biblical, where you have to react. And Rick’s made the mistake of trying to save other people’s children, and it affected him losing his wife. Then, you have Shane, who I like to call criminally ear-y, because his ear looks criminal. There’s an old study about the shape of people’s ears makes them criminal or not.

In which Manson makes us wonder if he's ever even seen the show before:

Marilyn Manson: I think it’s Carol’s daughter.Chris Hardwick: No, no, Sophia? I don’t think so. I think they wrapped that one up.

In which Manson doesn't understand HISTORY:

Marilyn Manson: The Governor had strict rules, whether they were good or not. You know, it’s our opinion, morally or just questionably. Just Rick didn’t have any hardcore rules, until now he’s started with those three questions. So Rick is kind of realizing politics need to be involved. It’s almost starting a new world. It’s like when people came to America and killed all the Indians. It’s the zombies.

In which Manson accuses TWD of ripping off Training Day:

Marilyn Manson: I thought it was a reverse of Training Day with Denzel Washington and Ethan Hawke. And he had to school him in the car with the PCP and what not. And he just sort of came through at the end. [Tyreese] was actually Ethan Hawke. They just flipped the script.Chris Hardwick: I think everyone’s thinking that. Gale, is that why?Gale Anne Hurd: You know what, absolutely. We watched Training Day right before we wrote the episode.

WTF? Were he and I even watching the same show? Probably not. Manson was clearly too busy watching Training Day and misunderstanding feminism to get the episode.