Miley Cyrus Is Rockin The Pit Hair & It's Badass

I have an ambivalent relationship with Miley Cyrus. I can appreciate her unapologetic absurdity. Plus, she sings a mean "50 Ways To Leave Your Lover." On the other hand, she has obvious issues with cultural appropriation, and her crafts are the stuff of nightmares. But I've gotta give this one to her. It looks like Miley Cyrus is rocking long armpit hair and it's pretty badass.

It's always nice to see a pop star give the figurative middle finger to arbitrary beauty standards. In this case, said figurative middle finger was also accompanied by a literal one. On Saturday, Cyrus posted a selfie to her Instagram showing herself in a leather lederhosen, flipping the bird with one hand, and taking a picture with another. First thing you see is the fact that Miley is wearing pasties with J's on them, in an apparent homage to rock goddess Joan Jett. The picture is captioned "Joan's Cheerleader," and she posted a picture of Jett shortly before that, so I'm just guessing that's the allusion.

Then, your eye gravitates toward the barely discernible blond fuzz beneath her arm. This is when you ask yourself — "Is Miley extending no-shave November like a BAMF?" At which time, you realize that no-shave November has been extended, and you're like "Why, yes! Yes she is!! Good for her!"

Now, we're all entitled to show ourselves however we like. Some women (and men) prefer to shave some parts of their bodies, and not others. Others prefer to go hairless, others to shave nothing. Really, whatever makes you feel good, you should do. But as a pop cultural figure and a woman, i'm choosing to read Miley's apparent decision not to shave her armpits as an interesting political one. Even if this is a small gesture, she's refusing to adhere to a gendered double standard around body hair. Hopefully, this will encourage other young women and men to be critical of those standards.

Image: Miley Cyrus/ Instagram