Florence + The Machine's New Song Is Fabulous

by Kenya Foy

A few months ago when Florence + Machine's "What Kind of Man" video debuted, I watched the visuals dramatically unfold with an open mouth and a single hand over my heart. When it was over, I thought to myself, "What kind of man indeed?" Like, what an awful human being could inspire such a dark, traumatic song and video. Well, I, along with anyone else who wondered the same thing, have the answer — I think and hope, at least (because honestly, no one deserves to experience more than one person of such crappiness in one lifetime). Anyway, the answer may or may not be found in Florence + The Machine's latest song "As Far As I Could Get" — specifically, the lyrics.

The thought-provoking track mysteriously appeared on the Internet and much like what we've come to expect from Florence, "As Far As I Could Get" is profound and extremely poetic. From what I can gather, it's another epic breakup song, but it's far from your ordinary "my ex sucked" anthem. Florence is way too clever to sing openly about how much she hates her ex, although it doesn't take too much reading between the lines to find out why this former lover wasn't exactly a catch.

That said, I went as far as I could get without writing a novel about how much I'm already enjoying this song, but here's what the lyrics to "As Far As I Could Get" might mean:

"In the celestial vaults/I drew bedraggled breath/Because I am unloved"

Thank you Florence + The Machine for such a vivid depiction of what it feels like to be in pure relationship hell.

"In the cedars like sparks/Wasting my god***n time"

Yes, Florence. It always feels like a huge waste of time once it's over.

"Past the museum of death/And the mad man yelling answers"

Everyone has that one friend who refuses to ditch her dirtbag boyfriend. To her, everyone else is totally a mad man yelling answers.

"'Cause if I am unloved/I have unloved too"

To be honest, this level of self-awareness kind of blew me away, especially post-breakup when it's much easier to trash and blame an ex for the failed relationship.

"I went as far as I could get/And I'm not far enough yet"

OK, so despite having gone through enough doom and gloom, maybe this means that Florence isn't a quitter. Apparently falling into the pits of love hell one time wasn't enough to douse the flames of her resilience.

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