Ariana Grande's Father Calls Out Big Sean, Proving Dads Don't Care If You're Famous

He's got his eyes on Big Sean...or at least, Big Sean's Instagram page. Internet gold was created earlier this week when the rapper posted a selfie with the caption, "I give her that D... #Detroit." Subsequently girlfriend Ariana Grande's father, Edward Butera, called him out in a comment with, "that D. better be Detroit Sean." Attached was a photo of a smiling Butera with the angelic pop princess, proving in one fell swoop that Papa Grande is ALL of our dads.

I mean, it's understandable why he'd be protective of his little girl. Who can forget all those rumors of a Big Sean, Naya Rivera, and Grande love triangle? My dad was none-to-pleased about my first relationship too, also birthed from a love triangle, although not the kind written about in US Weekly. Eleventh grade was hard, though.

At the same time, it's amusing to two people so thoroughly bathed in the spotlight get called out in the mostly dad-like way. I mean, the pressures of fame often force people to grow up fast, and even though Grande has that weird baby-carrying habit, I thought she'd be a bit more detached from her the watchful eye of her parents. I mean, of course she's super close with Big Brother star slash literal big brother Frankie Grande, but this changes the whole family dynamic entirely.

When Grande is getting ready for a show, decked out in her bedazzled underwear and cat ears, is her father like, "Oh no, young lady, not in that outfit." Or when she got her role as the red-haired spitfire Cat Valentine on Victorious (uh, not that I watched that show), was her father all, "I'm glad that you're focusing on extra curricular activities, but I'm hoping that this doesn't impact for studies." Like, all this time, was he hoping his little girl would grow up to be a lawyer one day, but she HAD TO GO FOLLOW HER HEART? Did his initial meeting with Big Sean involve a firm handshake and a low whisper of "I don't care how many number one albums you put out, you break her heart and I'll break your face."

I think these are all plausible theories, and in my heart of hearts hope I'm right about this. But if not, what's undeniable is that Butera's one-liner has made for a potent punch-liner, with Instagrammers now laughingly echoing his warning in the comment section.

AWKWARD. Well, here's hoping Big Sean has since smoothed it over with Grande's father, and in the meantime, I think he should be grateful for the little things. Because I'm sure if Grande's Nonna had an Instagram account then, well, he'd have a whole family feud on his hands.

Images: bigsean/Instagram (2)