7 Reasons To Love Your Freckles Immediately

by Christie Drozdowski

For some reason or another, no one ever talks about how to love you freckles. Whether due to being made fun of them as a child or because of the countless "flawless" beauty shots in magazines and advertisements, we're mostly taught that our freckles are something we need to try to conceal. But for those of us who are naturally gifted with these spotty friends, such "lessons" couldn't be further from ideal, since — like any other quirky characteristic — freckles were meant to be seen, not hidden!

Perhaps it's easier for us to love our eyes, lips, or hair — since such features are already traditionally proclaimed beautiful, and there are tons of products made that encourage us to enhance and bring more attention to them. But our freckles are one of the only characteristics of our bodies that we can't add anything to in order to "make them better." Rather than trying to fix what isn't broken, though, let's come to terms with, appreciate, and recognize the natural allure that they possess. It sure is a lot easier to let them shine than trying endlessly to cover them up.

If you haven't already, it's time to embrace your natural skin and be proud of the unique dusting of those little spots on your face, arms, chest, and/or back. If you need a little help learning to love your freckles, here are seven reasons that they're just as lovable as any other part of your body.

1. They're Adorable

I'm sure you've heard this countless of times growing up, but just because you're older doesn't mean you have to stop being cute. Cuteness is an attractive feature for any age, and you can't have enough of it in life.

2. They're Unique — Just Like You

No one has freckles spotted in the exact same place as you. They are a part of who you are, and they can't be copied or reproduced on anyone else. Ever.

3. They're A Form Of Entertainment

Connect the dots, anyone? Okay, so you may not want to actually draw on your arm, but finding shapes that can be made from your freckles is pretty fun. And when you're snuggling cozy with your partner, they can make for an intimate interplay between the two of you when they're being traced with your partners fingers.

4. You Don't Have To Draw Them On

It's actually a thing to draw on fake freckles. Beauty brands like Sephora, Lancome, and even TopShop have freckle pencils. When you're blessed with them naturally, you don't have to try to "get the trend." It's already there for you!

5. They're Like A Natural Tan

Oftentimes (but not always) freckles accompany red hair, which usually accompanies fair skin. So your freckles are your tan in the summer. Who cares that you still need that sunscreen to protect your lovely skin? Your freckles make up for it.

6. You Wouldn't Look The Same Without Them

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Can you really imagine your face without them? Even in the times you were trying to conceal 'em, if you looked in the mirror and they were completely gone, you probably wouldn't have recognized yourself. In a sense, they really do make you who you are. And we simply need to start embracing our natural selves.

7. They're A Great Fashion Accessory

When it comes to makeup, bronzers tend to blend better on a face with freckles, because you already have different variations of color in your skin. And what's more, coppers and golds look amazing with your freckles, too. So whatever the season, you always have that permanent shine factor.

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