Peeps Went INSANE For Lilly Pulitzer Target Line

by Arielle Dachille

While you were enjoying the first flowers of spring on this beautiful lazy Sunday afternoon, All Floral-Print Hell was breaking loose at Target. In case you forgot, the Lilly Pulitzer Target line hit the shelves today and people went bananas over it. It was basically paisley pink mayhem.

The hyper-preppy brand announced the launch of its womenswear and homewares capsule with the discount retailer back in January. Since then, many have been anxiously awaiting its arrival. Today was that day, and the reaction was nothing short of epic. On Sunday morning, people queued up (or had their boyfriends queue up for them) at various Targets around the U.S. before 8 a.m., when they opened. Many of the stores were sold out within minutes, save for a couple of sad pair of shorts or some nondescript vases. What's more, the collection crashed the Target website shortly after 3 a.m. EST, when it hit the web. A few pieces have already surfaced for resale online at exponential mark-ups. One dress that sold for $38 is now selling for $140 online.

I know that, as a society, we've seen enough high-low designer lines to expect this sort of public reaction. Still, I never cease to be surprised by the carnage. Speaking of, let's take a closer look at that carnage.

The line at the San Diego Target an hour before opening was especially long.

Even the more modest crowds, like this one at the Minnetonka, Minnesota Target, supposedly cleared out the Lilly inventory in about 10 minutes.

Some shoppers scored their plenty.

Others felt the sting of defeat.

Defeat embodied in two empty racks...

Or three empty racks...

Or the lone pair of shorts that nobody wanted...

Or the vases that weren't special enough for people to snatch right up...

Or the Target website error message.

Things are now being re-sold online at insane mark-ups.

But plenty of brave shoppers survived to tell the tale.

Never forget.

Image: Lilly Pulitzer/Target; Christina Heald, Jill Starke Gruys, ToPrepfection, Ginger_Snap13, Melissa Strong, southernsnowgal, tinatoney02, horsegirl292, Dina Holland, Tasia Thompson, melissamua/Instagram