Are You Ready For A Robot Chef?

Rejoice, college students (and terrible cooks) everywhere, for I bring glorious tidings. Moley Robotics has developed a robot that will cook for you, thereby solving all your food-related woes and possibly signaling the end of the dreaded freshman 15. Don't you just love the world that we live in?If you're not excited yet, you should be. Our future hero has more diverse cooking abilities than Gordon Ramsay, or at least it will when it hits shelves in 2017. By the time it's available for sale, the robot, whom I shall refer to as Mini-Ramsay from now on, will have the ability to cook 2,000 meals, the Daily Dot reports. If you don't think that's a significant improvement over what you eat now.... well, your diet probably doesn't consist of ramen, guacamole, and whatever you can fanangle your dorm's microwave into producing. What's it like in the real world?Mini-Ramsay consists of two robotic arms (in a customized kitchen, natch) that are programmed to mimic a professional chef. It's a little creepy, but considering that the robot has already learned how to make crab bisque, I'd say the potential for an Isaac Asimov-style technological uprising is outweighed by the fact that a robot can make crab bisque.

Of course, Mini-Ramsay comes with a pretty hefty price tag. According to the Daily Dot, the robot is priced at $14,600, and who knows what inflation will do in two years? But if you spend so much money on Grub Hub that you have to budget for it every month, it might be time to start funneling that money into a "super expensive kitchen appliance" fund. In case you need any more convincing, why don't you watch Mini-Ramsay at work?

I stand by what I said earlier. The future robot apocalypse is so worth it.

Image: Giphy