Will Leslie Die On 'Gotham'? She May Live Long Enough To See Herself Become The Villain

When Gotham returned from its spring hiatus with the episode "Beasts of Prey," the show debuted a new villain — in my opinion, its most terrifying yet. Most baddies in the Batman mythology do represent some kind of human insecurity or fear, but they also stylize that fear and mask it with crazy make-up and a nickname. Milo Ventimiglia's character Jason Lennon has the nickname, but it's only ever said in hushed tones by men who have no idea who The Ogre actually is, and are almost paralyzed with dread that the serial killer will sense them on his tail. Their silence puts the women of Gotham in even greater danger, especially those close to Detective Jim Gordon. That being said, could Doctor Leslie Thompkins die before Gotham Season 1 comes to and end?

Don't forget, Lennon is a composite of every woman's worst nightmares. He's rich, polite, and good-looking enough to seduce anyone he wants. But under the wet-look hair and pressed tuxedo lies a sadist in wait. By the time his prey realize who've they've gotten into bed with (so to speak), it's too late.

What does all of this have to do with Dr. Thompkins? Well, her relationship with Jim likely puts her on Lennon's radar, as Bullock warned him that The Ogre would put a target on the back of the loved ones of anyone who would dare come after him. And for better or worse, our resident crusading good guy won't be thwarted by those kinds of threats. Check out the promo for "Under The Knife," which shows puts Leslie in a somewhat vulnerable position.

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According to this promo, both of the women in Jim Gordon's life are in the path of The Ogre this week. Barbara appears to be in his home (and his toy room) willingly. Leslie, on the other hand, looks like she's being stalked. Though, on closer inspection, I believe the man who grasps her shoulder as she looks out her window is actually her boyfriend, there to make sure she's OK.

So I don't think Leslie is going to die by the hand of The Ogre. In fact, I don't believe she'll die at all this season. It's a tired trick to kill off a male lead's pristine angel of a love interest, just to pile on some extra motivational pain. (It still happens, don't get me wrong. But it's so very boring.) I don't want that for Leslie. What I do want, and what I'm increasingly sure is bound to happen at this point, is Leslie either rolling over to the dark side or revealing that she's been there all along.

With Fish Mooney likely leaving us before next season and Selina still in her wayward teen years, Gotham could use another strong-willed lady stirring up trouble. Leslie has been far too perfect to be entirely free of suspicion. And how much cooler and more narratively interesting would it be for Jim to learn that he was being played all along? It's been implied that Gordon has been somewhat successful in bringing justice to the city because he's not the kind of law enforcement Gotham's criminals are used to dealing with. But now Leslie knows Jim, intimately, making her a worthy and fascinating foe.

I don't know who will tempt Leslie or who she may be working for already, but I hope that she'll survive into Season 2, to surprise viewers and her poor, unsuspecting boyfriend.

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