'Game Of Thrones' Has Always Been About The Women & Here's 11 Reasons Why

You can tack this onto the list of things that we all knew without it ever having to be pointed out. But, nonetheless, it’s still nice to hear it and have it validated. You see, Us Weekly interviewed some of the Game of Thrones cast and they let us in on some info that may or may not make you go “Well, duh” in the nicest, most sincere way possible. The site relays that, “Emilia Clarke, Maisie Williams, and more leading ladies of HBO's Game of Thrones have declared Season 5 "the year of the women." Which, is super exciting although obvious, because let’s be real, that declaration was probably only a glimpse into what’s coming.

But, even better than that, is what Us Weekly goes on to say.

"'It is always the year of the women,’ Conleth Hill, who plays Lord Varys, elaborated to Us Weekly last month at the event. ‘You have all strong women on the show.'"

Clap it up for Hill, ladies and gentleman. Because this guy clearly knows what this show is all about. In fact, I am so enamored with him and his statement that I feel the need to prove his point. Check out the various reasons below that it truly always has been the year of the women on Game of Thrones.

They've Been Schoolin' Their "Superiors" Since 2012

Or, you know, whatever the year equivalent is in Westeros.

...Even With A Mere Side Eye

Say what you want about Cersei, but she's still standing and like half of the original cast, um, isn't.

...Or, With A Stick

Humpty dumpty had a great fall...

They Will Literally Eat Your Heart Out

Well, if you're a horse.

They Create The Most Infamous Catchphrases

It's true, he really didn't. Not until you told him, Ygritte.

The Seven Kingdoms Know Nothing Of A Damsel In Distress

Brienne of Tarth? Brienne of my HEART.

And, They Never Will

A Khaleesi always pays her debts.

They've Outwitted Fate With A Convenient Loophole


And, They've Continually Predicted The Future

See ya, Tywin. All I know is that it wasn't Cersei who let your murderer loose or kill you while you were at peak vulnerability on the toilet.

They Are The Movers & The Shakers

And, their calls to action have propelled the story forward.

They've Commanded A Truer, More Loyal Following Than Any Of Their Male Counterparts

Who run the world?

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