Will Kristen Kringle Turn Ed Nygma Into The Riddler On 'Gotham'? She May Kickstart His Villainous Transformation

There are only four episodes left in Gotham Season 1 (I know, right?!). And while the show was already picked up for Season 2, that means there's only four weeks left to find out if Kristen Kringle will turn Ed Nygma into the Riddler by the finale. I know, that's probably not the question that's pressing on your mind, but it's something that's been bugging me for a while now. I don't expect that he'll show up wearing a bright green unitard, but so far, Ed has been such a nice guy, if a little socially awkward, that I just don't see how he can become one of Batman's biggest bad guys without a serious personality transplant. But they've also hinted strongly that Kristen Kringle is an important person in that evolution.

Actor Cory Michael Smith, who plays Ed, gave an interview with Yahoo TV where he described how Edward Nygma would become the Riddler. According to the article, which quotes Smith, "it won't be in a single moment when he drops into 'the bowels of hell and becomes this horrible human being...but you start to see this deterioration of his patience and kindness with people." Yahoo TV then added, "And it starts with Kringle." But how will Kringle directly play into this transformation?

The description for the April 20 episode says that Edward will "defend" Kristen Kringle, and I have to say, that sounds waaay more unsettling than I would have expected. It sounds like Ed's interpretation of "save" might end up being different than how the audience (or even Kristen) would consider it. Here's how Ed might go from "defender" to villain, with a little help from Kristen.

She Could Drive Him Insane With Her Bad Boyfriends

Ed is suffering from a little "nice guy" syndrome lately. He seems to think that because he's nice to Kristen, she should be dating him, when really she is free to date whoever she pleases regardless of Nygma's actions. Now I'll admit, they have great chemistry. But fake "nice guys" always end up finishing last... and then become villains.

She Could Convince Him To Take Up The Mantle

Hey, we've seen that Kristen has her own twisted side. Maybe after his rescue, she'll convince him to become a vigilante, and eventually a bad guy.

They Could Hook Up, Then Break Up

I don't think that Ed would take a breakup very well, do you? He's got a very specific idea of how things should work, and if Kristen is his soulmate, then, by gosh, they'd better stay together forever! So even a so called "happy" ending could wind up becoming tragic.

He Could Accidentally Hurt Her

This would be tragic. Maybe in his attempt to save her, he'll accidentally make things way worse, and his injury to her could be enough to drive him to think the only way to protect himself from the guilt is to become obsessed with riddles.

He Could Kill In The Line Of Duty

In order to save Kristen, Ed might find himself needing to use deadly force. He's a sensitive guy, and that could be enough to push him over the edge. And we see in the trailer for "Under the Knife," Ed can be seen holding a knife and screaming. Kristen Kringle, deadly damsel in distress?

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