Did Kristen Kringle & Ed Nygma Get Together on 'Gotham'? It Sure Seemed Like It, But Now She's Dating Another Cop

Gotham doesn't have a lot of sweet moments, so the ongoing romantic drama with their future "Riddler" is one of their few soft spots. But man, Kristen Kringle and Edward Nygma still aren't dating, even though they seem destined to be together. They even have the exact same glasses and sorta 1950s personal style! And she's the only person who seems to like his riddles, even though he does go over the top with it sometimes (okay, frequently).

But there seemed to be some hope for 'shippers round the fandom early in this Gotham episode. Kristen knew that she had made a mistake going out with corrupt cop Arnold Flass, and even flirted with Ed a little bit when he confronted her about whether or not they'd broken up. She didn't "lead him on," but she did make it seem like she might finally be interested in a date... which made it even more disappointing when she introduced Ed to Tom, a new cop who she described as her new "boyfriend." Ouch, Ed.

I think with this storyline, they're trying to show how a good guy can be beat down enough by life to turn into an evil supervillain. But it's still pretty early for Ed to make that slide already — remember, the young Batman is still only a teenager right now. For the moment, I hope Nygma is able to move on a little bit and doesn't let this totally get him down.

So far, Kristen has had some pretty terrible taste in guys, but there was no indication that Tom was as much of a jerk as Arnold Flass was. He did not deal drugs over the course of the episode, though he did get a little weird and smack Kristen on the butt in front of her coworker, which is a little awkward. In the video game Batman: Arkham City , there was an undercover cop named Tom Miller — maybe Kristen's new BF was based on him? But that Tom was ultimately killed when his undercover mission went bad, so maybe Kringle will end up single again soon.

Image: Jessica Miglio/FOX; Giphy