Coachella Festival Fashion: These 17 Ladies Brought Their Style A-Game To Indio

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The first seeds of Coachella were planted in 1993, when Pearl Jam held a concert in Indio, California as a way to boycott Ticketmaster and the monopoly it held on southern California venues. In 1999, the first Coachella festival was held, with headliners like Rage Against the Machine, Morrissey, Beck, Tool, and The Chemical Brothers. When it started, the festival was a little but about protesting the establishment and a lot about bringing awesome musicians together. And while there is nothing particularly counter-culture about today's Coachella, the music still takes top billing... alongside festival fashion.

The ladies (and gentlemen) of Coachella bring their fashion A-game (probably because every publication out there spends the preceding weeks talking flower crowns and flash tattoos), and they look freaking awesome. Here are 17 inspiring fashion and hair looks from Coachella 2015.

Images by Aja Nuzzi

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