Let Cisco From 'The Flash' Explain Your First Job

Few feelings compare to the dizzy excitement of a first real job — one that kicks off your career. It's one of the unmistakable signs of true adulthood, along with graduating from your pediatrician, paying your own car insurance bill, and being a lot less excited about Christmas morning than you used to be. Congratulations, grown-up! On The Flash , S.T.A.R. Labs tech extraordinaire Cisco Ramon knows all about your professional enthusiasm. As a vital member of Team Flash, he gets to live his dream every day. Good-hearted, hardworking, and a whiz with nicknames, Cisco is the kind of coworker that all of us should aspire to be.

But even a precious puppy like this guy knows that the working world isn't all accolades and Bagel Wednesdays. Real jobs mean real stakes and serious responsibility. Even superstars have off days. And maybe the most valuable lesson your first job can teach you is how to bounce back from a failure with grace and style.

Maybe that crucial first professional step is way back in your past. Maybe it's still in your future. Or maybe you're living it right now. No matter where you are in your career, Cisco Ramon is here to walk you through those exhilarating and scary early days.

You Did it! You Got An Interview For The Entry-Level Job You've Been Dreaming About!

Doors are opening now! You're unstoppable! *Cue Mary Tyler Moore hat-throwing freeze frame.*

The Boss Was Totally Intimidating, But Impressed By Your Resume & Professionalism


Forget Your Ice Cream-Slinging Gig In High School. This Is A Real, Grown-Up Job. There's A Supply Closet & Everything

Your more seasoned coworkers are a little baffled by your enthusiasm for a bottomless supply of binder clips.

You Have Actual Colleagues! And They're Smart & Motivated, Just Like You

Unlike the bio lab partner who made you do all the work but had no problem taking half of the credit.

You're Killing It Not Just Professionally, But Socially Too. Guess Who's Planning The Happy Hours?

Every team needs a cruise director.

Your Job Description Expands To Cover Some Random Odd Jobs

Add dry cleaning drop-offs, coffee runs, and picking up the special food for your boss' finicky Pomeranian to your growing resume.

The Jaded Senior Staff Will Let You Know If You're Getting A Little Too Comfortable

And you learn that even cubicle-mates need some privacy.

Everything's Going Smoothly Until You're Asked To Tackle A Project That Seems Utterly Impossible

"Sure, just give me several more hours in a day and a caffeine I.V. and I'll get that on your desk next week."

For The First Time, You Mess Up Something Important

"I'll never work in this town again!"

But Then You Ask Your Coworkers For Help

And you realize that the best part of working in an office (or a state-of-the-art science lab with a metahuman prison hidden in the basement) is being a part of a team.

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