The 12 Best Fantasy Moments On 'Jane the Virgin'

Jane the Virgin has a lot going for it — not one, but two truly great love interests, the most dramatic telenovela star/father you could ask for, some ultra-enviable costuming, and last but not least, some really epic fantasies — yep, of its many winning qualities, Jane the Virgin' s fantasy sequences are definitely among its best. Just last week, we were treated to Jane's mini-me skeptic (who was quite the master of sass), and there have been countless other daydreams throughout the show's 19 chapters that have been just as funny — if not even funnier.

So which fantasy scene takes the cake for you? Michael and Rafael double-slapping each other dressed in Rogelio's signature lavender will always be a stand-out for me, as will Rogelio and Michael's memorable salsa (#TeamRogelio!). Oh, and of course I can't leave out Jane and Rafael's kiss with all the telenovela-approved rose petals floating around... As you can see, it's pretty difficult to choose a favorite daydream — after all, the show is pretty much chock-full of fantasies of every variety.

You've got your standard romance-fueled daydreams, your neuroses-inspired ruminations, all mixed in with a healthy dash of telenovela-esque super-reality. In fact, there are so many fantasies (and types of fantasies) that even Jane herself gets confused sometimes:

So, with that in mind, here are the 12 best fantasy moments from Jane the Virgin (so far).

12. That Time Jane Stressed About Breaking Her Vow Of Chastity

Even the Virgin Mary got in on the chastising; it was really quite alarming.

11. That Time Xo Stressed About Breaking Her Vow Of Chastity

OK, this is definitely even more alarming.

9 & 10. Anytime A Picture Moves

It's kind of like Harry Potter.

8. That Time Jane Was Really "Skeptical"

I definitely have an inner skeptic, but she's not nearly as fabulous as Jane's.

7. That Time Xo Worried About Jane & Rogelio Turning On Her

A perfectly natural thing to worry about: Your daughter and her birth father making a voo doo doll of you and maniacally laughing at it.

6. That Time Michael & Rogelio Salsa Danced

The only thing that could make this better would be if it actually happened.

5. That Time Michael Worried About Raising Rafael's Baby

I don't know about you, but I'd watch that spinoff.

4. That Time Petra Got Her Groove Back

More Telenovela Villainess Petra, please!

3. That Time Rafael & Michael Went Full Telenovela


2. That Time...Uh, This Happened

I'll just leave that there.

1. That Time Jane & Rafael Kissed In The Most Magical Setting Ever


Images: Danny Feld/The CW; talesofnorth (10), tucosalamancas, kepnerrrd, jtvgifs, janethevirgin-gifs/Tumblr