These 'Batman V. Superman' Posters Need Spoilers

by Kadeen Griffiths

As far as I'm concerned, there are very few people who are as excited as I am about the upcoming Zack Snyder film Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice . With every new poster, every new behind-the-scenes shot, and every new trailer, I inch closer and closer to the edge of my seat in anticipation of the film I won't get to see for another year. On Sunday night, Snyder released new Batman v. Superman posters out into the world, and they revealed... well, absolutely nothing about the film that we didn't already know. Oh, sure, they're cool and everything, but they're also incredibly mysterious. We already know that this movie will feature Superman and Batman fighting against each other, but any further details from the plot remain a complete unknown.

The two posters feature Superman and Batman respectively, the former with the Bat symbol torn out of the poster over his eyes and the latter with the Superman symbol torn out of the poster over the top of his head. The subtle message is clear: choose your side, because 2016 is coming. Personally, I live in a constant state of Team Batman, but it would be nice to know what the two are fighting over so I could make an informed decision. I'm too impatient for things like waiting for a good thing!

The posters were revealed in advance of the IMAX event that was supposed to mark the premiere of the Batman v. Superman movie trailer (you know, the one that was leaked onto the Internet last week), and they make me cautiously excited that there are further movie surprises in store on Monday. An actual plot synopsis, perhaps? After all, if we use the posters as our only evidence, there are only two kinds of films we're probably in for.

Graffiti Wars

In Gotham City, Batman suddenly discovers that someone has put up pictures of him all over the place. When he gets closer in order to start ripping them down, he finds the Superman symbol scrawled across his face in every one. Is Superman responsible for these posters, or is he only responsible for defacing them? Is this an act of war? Battle lines have been drawn, spray paint has been bought, and it. Is. On.

Model Wars

Look at that lantern jaw of justice, you guys. The fight between Batman and Superman isn't over graffiti; it's over who can look more like a flawless model on their movie posters. Recasting Batman as Ben Affleck instead of Christian Bale has, sadly, put him a little behind thanks to that charming dimple in Affleck's chin, but Batman is not one to be outdone. What he needs is some training and, well. Spoiler alert: Batman v. Superman: Zoolander 3 is a thing that is indevelopment.

Or I guess we could just gaze at these amazing posters and wait until we have an official plot summary. But, hey, where's the fun in that?

Image: Warner Bros.