7 Trousers For Women Who Hate Jeans — Comfort FTW

by Freyia Lilian Porteous

Thank goodness for comfortable alternatives to jeans! Why, you may ask? Well, I never wear jeans. In the past 10 years, I have owned one pair of jeans and I bought them when I was 15. Every so often, I dig them out of the wardrobe, if the mood takes me. I'll shimmy the skintight dark blue denim over my bum and then I'll remember halfway through the night why I'd hidden them at the back of my closet in the first place.

To me, despite the plethora of so-called perfect jeans available on the high street, I can't seem to feel comfortable in them. The waistbands feel so restrictive and cut into my hips, the stiff denim is tight around my thighs like a bloody indigo anaconda.

I have simply never understood how people wear jeans casually. "I'm so low maintenance — I'm a jeans and a t-shirt girl," is commonly expressed by denim lovers. But I honestly cannot think of anything less comfortable to wear than jeans, unless you love feeling like your legs are wrapped tightly in cling film with a rubber band around your hipbones. I'm Team Eva Mendes — jeans are uncomfortable!To be perfectly honest, I don't really know how to buy jeans! This complex shopping world, to a skirt-wielding woman such as myself, is an intimidating affair. Skirts and dresses feel so simple, with their standard dress sizes. Jeans, however, with their waist and leg measurements that seem to shrink and expand depending on which high street store you're in, freak me the hell out. There are also many things I can think of doing with my sartorial time that don't involve trying to squeeze my leg into a denim tube.

Now, I know with the wonders of stretch denims, jeggings, and the resurrection of mom jeans, there are more options out there for jeans-phobic fashionistas, but to be honest, I'd rather slouch around in something else. So if, like me, you simply cannot face the denim, you're in luck. Here are seven alternatives for the girl who hates jeans.

1. The Leggings

New Ankle Length Leggings, $20, Topshop

"Twin Rainbow Hair" Miss Van Leggings, $70, Princesas Market

Sequin Leggings, $37, H&MLeggings are a comfy way to don some trousers without the restriction of denim. The stretchy fabrics — from jersey to nylon tricot — have a slinky look and ease of movement that make you feel like an off duty dancer. Leggings are so versatile, too! From plain black to sparkly to printed, leggings can be casual or anything but. Layer them under a skirt, dress or longline top, or simply wear them instead of trousers and show of what Mother Nature gave you.

2. The Harem Pants

Foldover Harem Pants, $18, Forever 21

Finders Keepers Dreamweaver Track Pants, $60, Asos

One Teaspoon Weekend Harem Pants, $40, AsosSporty with an Eastern vibe, harem pants are quirky alternative to sweatpants. The drop crotch and a slouchy leg of harem pants give these stylish pieces a pajama vibe, but are slightly more acceptable to wear outside the comfort of your living room! There are so many styles of harem pants, from the sparkly to the stripy, and all at the convenience of your local high street, as they don't seem to be going anywhere on the fashion front!

3. The Sweatpants

Sweatpants, $120, Base Range

Wrap Front Jogger Trousers, $45, Topshop

Studio Metallised Cropped Pants, $45, OyshoWho says sweatpants are just for yoga class? Sweatpants are arguably the most comfortable item of clothing, and can be surprisingly swanky! Who says you have to style sweatpants with a t-shirt and a water bottle? Try pairing these Samurai-stylish black, wrap front sweats from TopShop with a cropped, quilted, kimono style jacket for a fun and delightful vibe.

4. The Peg Leg (Or Carrot Pants)

Goldberry Pants, $130, Stinegoya

New Fully Dressed Tailored Peg Trousers, $25, Asos

Nadia Trousers, $10, Monki

Shooting Star Pants, $191, Free People

If the comedic name doesn't hook you, the relaxed approach to formal tailoring might just appeal. Peg leg or carrot pants take reference from structured trousers, with their often high rise waistline and tapered legs. However, these comfy pants are mostly cut with an extra roomy leg, and have drawstring or elasticated waists. The best of both smart and casual. They also come in many pretty prints! Get searching.

5. Culottes

Satin Longline Culottes, $40, Asos

Cape Leaf Culottes, $63, Topshop

Pleated Print Culottes, $72, TopshopIf you are not quite trouser-ready, go halfway in a pair of culottes. These vintage-inspired cuts hark back to a '30s and '40s silhouette, and are super comfy in the process. Culottes look beau in both stiff and soft fabrics, so they're equally ladylike and girl next door.

6. The Wide-Leg Pants

Ganni Loose Metallic Knit Trousers, $182, Asos

Wide Leg Trousers, $39, Zara

Drapey Pleated Drawstring Trousers, $45, ZaraThe sister of the on-trend culottes, swishy wide leg trousers are perfect for a transitional day to night look as the weather warms up. Naturally dramatic, these pants elongate the legs and are really fun to walk and dance in!

7. The Jumpsuit

Long Strap Raw Silk Overall, $209, Base Range

"Piccadilly" Jumpsuit, $142, Inquire Here

Frill Top Jumpsuit, $68, TopshopLast, but by no means least, a stretch or loose fit jumpsuit can be a relaxed alternative to jeans and a t-shirt... and are pretty much an entire outfit! Value for money, eh? Throw an oversized jumper over a jumpsuit or romper for the daytime, and add some glitter in the form of a sequined collar or sparkling shoes for night time play.

Images: Fotolia; Courtesy Brands; Giphy