9 Times Mama Swift Deserved The Best Mom Award

by Kelsie Gibson

Sunday night at the 2015 ACM Awards, Taylor Swift added yet another award to her long list of achievements. However, I think the real MVP here goes to her mom, Andrea. Usually, the pop star is pretty reserved about her personal life, but, last week, she shocked everyone when Swift revealed that her mother has been diagnosed with cancer on Tumblr. Instantly, fans and friends alike poured out their support, and Sunday night was no different. When Swift received the Milestone Award at the ACM Awards, the crowd gave a standing ovation when her mom came out to present the award.

In this heartfelt presentation, Andrea took us through Swift's journey to success. She spoke about what it was like watching her daughter grow from "a girl with very few friends" to “a young woman with very many friends," and how incredibly grateful she was for the fans unwavering support through it all. As she held back a few tears through her speech, everyone could tell that Mama Swift was one proud parent.

It's no secret that Swift and her mom are super close, which is why the whole ordeal was super emotional (I may have shed a few tears, just saying). While Swift has won several awards in her day, it shouldn't go unrecognized all the times Mama Swift deserved the best mom award.

1. When She Did Little Things Like Only Mothers Do

She cares for her daughter even if that means shielding her from the rain.

2. When She Went To Every Show

You can always count on Mama Swift being at Taylor's shows cheering her on. The 1989 Tour just won't be the same without her.

3. When She Helped Create Taylor's 13 Trademark

Seriously, what would the Fearless tour have been without that iconic number?

4. When She Inspired One of the Best Songs Taylor's Ever Written

If this song doesn't make you tear up and wanna hug your mom, then you're lying.

5. When She Got Real With Us About Being a Proud Mom

The world may know her as music legend Taylor Swift, but, for Mama Swift, Taylor's still her little girl.

6. When She Went Into Momager Mode

Mama Swift knows what's up. She may help manage Taylor's career, but she'll always be a mom first.

7. When She Partook In Taylor's "Thug Story"

Remember when Taylor's mom made an appearance in this epic video? Yeah, that's dedication.

8. When She Was Protective Of Her Daughter

Like most parents, Taylor's mom hates to see her hurt.

9. When She Was Taylor's Best Friend

Most importantly, Mama Swift deserves mom of the year because, through all the craziness, she will always be on Taylor's side.

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