9 Most Overused Drake Lyrics Out There

I'm assuming that you wanted to start your day off with a reminder of how old you are, since we all do, so here it comes — Drake has been around for a good long while now. He's been around for so long that Drake has his own board game (sort of). Even though it still kind of feels like he's new to the game, and part of his thing is still bragging about how he got famous without being signed to a traditional label, that was all the way back in 2006. We've had almost ten years of weepy songs about ladies and money and money and ladies at this point. Kind of mind-blowing when you think about it. But, considering he's been putting out music for almost a decade, we focus on a surprisingly small segment of his actual songs when looking for Drake lyrics to motivate us.

Sure, there are absolutely die-hard fans out there who can rap along with any given verse of his at a moment's notice, even from the most obscure mixtape, but the rest of us have just a handful of his most popular lyrics that we know, and we do them to death. If something comes out of Drake's mouth that we like a little bit, we like it A LOT, and we want the whole world to know it.

So, accordingly, we work it into our vocabulary at every possible opportunity, until we forget there was ever a time when frat boys weren't shouting it over at over on the dance floor of a club. Here are the nine most egregious examples.

Started From The Bottom Now We're Here — "Started From The Bottom," 2013

These days, you can't say "started from the bottom" without someone loudly filling in "NOW WE'RE HERE."

You Only Live Once — "The Motto," 2011

If I never have to hear anyone say YOLO again for the rest of my life, it'd still be too soon.

Got Rich Off A Mix Tape — "Under Ground Kings," 2011

In case you haven't heard, Drake got rich off a mixtape.

Goin' Up... On A Tuesday — "Tuesday," 2014

This one wasn't even Drake's song originally, but his power is so strong that he's now indelibly associated with getting waste-y on a weeknight anyway.

I'm Doin' Me — "Over," 2010

Universal comeback used by people doing something extremely annoying.

No New Friends — "No New Friends," 2013

Much rather hang out with my old BFFs who know all the same Drake lyrics that I do.

25 Sittin' On 25 Million — "The Motto," 2011

Or, y'know, 28 sitting on 28 hundred, in the case of most of the dudes shouting along to this track.

That Hand Thing

You know which hand thing I mean. It might as well be a lyric for how often he uses it.

I Live For The Nights I Can't Remember With The People That I Won't Forget — "Show Me A Good Time," 2010

Hey, can't argue with that.

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