13 Tips On How To Style Those Tricky Sheer Pieces

Sheer pieces are as quintessential to summertime as white dresses on bare shoulders and red popsicle stains around smiling lips. Though they're lovely, many of us are at a loss on how to style sheer pieces, but that doesn't stop the fascination. They whisper around your ankles as you walk, catch sunlight like lace curtains, and add a little bit of femininity and curiosity to a look. They're a fun alternative to the usual lace or crochet dresses we reach for, and can alternate from coming across as sweet or sexy, depending on what you're in the mood for that day. With such a powerful piece, it's no wonder it's been a trend for a few years now. But like with most trends, some of us are left scratching our heads in the changing room or skeptical as we stand in the bathroom.

How do you actually... wear sheer? It's not as easy as slipping it on and heading outside — not unless you're cool with everyone seeing your boyshorts underneath. If you're part of the majority that isn't, the sheer trend can be something you shy away from, no matter how pretty you find it. But if you had a few styling tricks ready in your arsenal, next time you wouldn't feel so intimidated as you cross paths in a store. Next time, you'll know just what to do. Below are 13 ways you can style the sheer trend, with everything from dresses to shirts.


1. Pop A Mini Skirt Underneath

When it comes to sheer skirts, it can be a little confusing as to what to do with them. It seems like they're intended to be worn with just your knickers out, but who has the bravery to wear that? And at that, to wear it to the grocery or down the subway steps? Not many. So to give yourself some coverage, pop a short, tight mini skirt underneath the same color as the sheer skirt.

2. Pair It With A Leotard

Or maybe you are a brave soul and don't mind showing a bit more leg. In that case, go elegant but bold by pairing your sheer skirt on top of a leotard. If you want more coverage and want to balance out the large amount of skin you'll be showing, choose a leotard with long sleeves to balance out the look.

3. Cover Up With A Long Sweater

Let the skirt be an intriguing detail instead of the star by pairing it with a longer sweater, one that ideally hits you around the mid-thigh. Since the sweater is heavier it'll attract the eye first, making the sheer skirt an interesting detail in the overall look.

4. Or If It's Too Hot, With A Shirt Dress

Maybe it's way passed sweater weather in your area, though — in that case, button up a shirt dress/ baggy oxford on top, creating the same illusion as the sweater.

5. Add Heavy Details

One great way to tone down the wow-factor of a sheer piece is to surround it with heavier pieces so it balances out the look. For example, pair your sheer skirt with a leather motto jacket and biker boots, toughening up the delicate fabric. The two opposing pieces balance each other, making the skirt not look too flimsy, and the jacket not too heavy. This would work great with a denim or cargo jacket as well!


6. Layer It On Top Of A Button-Up

Instead of layering a shirt on top of the dress, go the opposite route and layer it underneath. Make sure it's a tad longer (hitting the tops of your thighs) so you don't have to worry about the underwear situation. The long sleeve will balance out the sheer bottom nicely, and will create an easy, minimalist look.

7. Cover Up With A Two-Piece

Instead of popping a shift or a mini dress underneath the sheer overlay, show a little more skin by pairing it over a two-piece set. It can be patterned or all black, whatever looks best. This way you can still show a flirty amount of skin, but still feel adequately covered.

8. Go All In

Or, if you're feeling bold that day, just go all in and pair it with a sweetheart leotard. Sometimes a girl wants to be super fashion-forward. On days like that, go for it.


9. Utilize Your Bandeau Bras

Just pop a bandeau underneath and call it a day. It's subtler than a bra, but more flirtatious than a tank top.

10. Use It As A Detail

A sheer blouse doesn't always have to be the front and center of your outfit. Instead, use it as an accent. Pop it underneath a crop top as an interesting way to play with layers and proportions.

11. Use It As A Top Layer

Use it as a jacket or cardigan of sorts and pop in on top of your outfit. Bonus points if you pair it with a piece with bare shoulders to keep things more sheer, like a bustier top or sweetheart shirt.

12. Layer It On Top Of A Bandeau Crop Top

By choosing a rib skimming bandeau top, you're getting more coverage than a strapless bra. Or better yet, wear it with a high-collar crop top. The covered ribs help add an interesting element to your look, and create different proportions as the chest and upper abs are covered, but the lower tummy isn't.

13. Go With A Pretty Bra

Sometimes you just want your sheer piece to make a statement. At a time like that, pick your prettiest, laciest, most frivolous bra and let that be your top for the day. Another popular look is pairing the sheer top with cut-out, triangle bras, or intricate racerback ones.

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