This Baby And Corgi Are BFF Role Models

If it leads to circumstances as adorable as this corgi trying to play with a baby, then I fully embrace the trend of corgi worship that is sweeping the nation. Occasionally the internet goes through phases I cannot fully support. Planking, for instance, is one internet trend I could never get behind. However, when corgis started showing up all over the pixelated plane of existence, the world got a little bit better for everyone. For me, at least, it started with the very important, now legendary footage of the corgi flop. I was hooked and immediately dedicated to the wild ride including the time that bride asked bridesmaids to carry corgis down the aisle in lieu of bouquets (much more sustainable, IMO) or that more recent time Corgi Beach Day happened in California.

Anyway, it stands to reason that this particular baby, Beau, is developing a personal corgi obsession that will likely be more than a phase. Seriously, this baby and his corgi named Tucker are BFFs for life and it is legit adorable. You can see Beau beam as Tucker keeps spinning in ecstatic circles. It's so interesting to see the bond between two creatures who can't even share language. It seems almost more sincere, right? And think about all the growth potential here. I can see Beau growing just a tiny bit bigger (or at least less tip-prone, as he looks peak-tipping-over age in this video) and possibly getting Tucker trained to chariot him around their home.

And the kisses! THE KISSES. That's not heartburn, y'all. It's your ice-cold heart warming at this sincere, joyous footage. It seems impossible to consider, but apparently Beau and Tucker weren't BFFs right off the bat. Tucker was originally slightly skeptical of his brand new little (human) brother. Here we see Beau performing what looks like a complicated footwork number while Tucker remains neutral:

That is remarkable. But all the same, it's kinda nice that Tucker isn't waddling akimbo throwing around friendship like it's NBD. Beau had to earn Tucker's affections, as Tucker is clearly a take-no-flack type of corgi. Here he is taking on the role of hard-ass personal trainer. (Tucker, not Beau. Babies can't be personal trainers, silly goose.)

Tucker: best friend to (select) babies, personal trainer to at least one, and hero for all. TBH, I want a bouquet of Tuckers. Is that so much to ask?

Peep the whole thing below:

Images: YouTube (2)