People React To Fake Hillary Clinton Logos And It's Infinitely More Entertaining Than Listening To People Talk About Her Real Logo — VIDEO

Since Hillary Clinton announced her candidacy for the 2016 presidential election, the former Secretary of State, Senator, and First Lady has faced controversy for more than just her politics — she’s also faced heated debate over her campaign logo. Clinton’s logo is simple: A blocky blue “H” with a red arrow crossing through it. Although one could argue that the message of the logo is obvious—the “H” is for “Hillary,” the blue is a nod to the Democratic Party, and the arrow symbolizes progress—others have criticized the design as overly simplistic and too similar to hospital signs and the FedEx logo. Some have even argued that the fact that the arrow points to the right contradicts Clinton’s stance as Democrat. We could debate whether arguing over the logo is petty (on the one had, branding matters; on the other hand, it's a logo, not a comprehensive platform), but, if nothing else, the continuing logo-snark has inspired a funny new bit for Jimmy Kimmel Live!, which asks people on the street to assess designs for Clinton’s campaign logo. The “new” designs are, naturally, completely fake, ranging from the ridiculous to the borderline offensive. The interviewees' responses vary, though it’s hard to imagine that anyone could really take the mock-logos seriously.

For reference, here is Clinton’s actual campaign logo:

And here are Kimmel’s fake ones:

“Give ‘Em Hill,” which I seriously kind of love:

One for all of the “legalize pot” people out there:

One that basically says “BOOBS!”

And, finally, a fake logo for Rand Paul, whose logo has also faced its share of criticism.

Watch the whole thing:

Images: YouTube (5)