Channing Tatum Loses & Finds Backpack

Gawww... Adorable rookie mistake alert!!! In a textbook tourist move, Channing Tatum lost his backpack in an NYC cab that was taking him to Times Square, of all places. You can rest easy tonight, because his pack has since been returned to him. Sure, Tatum may be a big shot Hollywood actor. But at heart, he'll still a Southern boy who just doesn't get how to blend in in the Yank capital of America.

As Page Six reports, the Magic Mike XXL actor totally spaced and left a backpack in a yellow cab on Saturday night. Tatum tweeted, "Seriously, left my black backpack in a cab near NYC’s 42nd Street." Seriously... Where was your head at, bruh?? Seriously?! He supposedly paid cash for the taxi and had no receipt to identify the medallion number. So for a brief spell, it seemed like his knapsack was gone forever.

But rather than wallow in his sorrow, he proceeded on to M&M's World (just guessing there) and called on his Twitter followers to help retrieve his beloved knapsack. "If you find it, ­e-mail me at findmybag@channingtatum­unwrapped.com," he tweeted. Let Tatum's email address creation skills be an inspiration to us all. (And, for the record, Channing Tatum Unwrapped is Tatum's official website. Not, as some of us would believe, a spinoff of the popular Food Network series Unwrapped hosted by the Foxcatcher actor instead of OG host Marc Summers.)

But back to knapsack-gate (as I will henceforth refer to this episode), despite any detailed description of Tatum's backpack, it was promptly returned to him. We can thank the good samaritans of New York City, who made the rescue of Tatum's bag a personal goal. Like this young lady:

And people say New Yorkers aren't friendly! By early on Monday morning, Tatum's beloved backpack was returned to its rightful place on his muscular shoulders. And so the terror of knapsack-gate was over.

While most tourists who lose their crap in New York will never be reunited with their rogue belongings, luck shines on the occasional tourist every once in a while. Especially when that tourist is wildly famous and has an army of people to seek out their lost items like Channing Tatum.

Now that he's got his backpack back, I'm guessing that the next time you see him bumming about New York, he'll be engaging in the following hilariously touristy activities: futilely trying to take in all of Central Park in one day, riding on a double decker tour bus, gushing over "New York pizza" at a totally non-authentic pizza parlor, and making eye contact.