7 Ways Dylan O’Brien & Britt Robertson Are The New Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone

As Dylan O’Brien and Britt Robertson grow in popularity, do they have what it takes to become the next Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone? Ever since Sony announced a revamp of the latest Spider-Man series, there has been a lot of talk about who will play the next Peter Parker. Among many actors, a fan favorite seems to be Dylan O’Brien, and his girlfriend, Britt Robertson, couldn’t agree more.

"I think he'd be an awesome Spider-Man. He's just so cute and I feel like he'd be so good at it. He's really good at the action stuff and he's funny and he's charming. He would be a great Spider-Man."

As this couple’s relationship (which is actually super adorable by the way) gains more coverage in the media, I can’t help but notice the similarities between them and another famous Hollywood couple – Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.

Their relationship was one of the few good ones in Hollywood, which makes it so much harder that they’re not together anymore. While we mourn what used to be, is it possible that there is a new power couple on the rise? Could Dylan and Britt be the new Andrew and Emma? Let’s investigate the similarities!

They Both Met On Set

We all know that Andrew and Emma's love blossomed on the set of The Amazing Spider Man, but Dylan and Britt also met when they played love interests in The First Time.

They Both Have Low-Key Relationships

When Andrew and Emma were dating (tear for the use of past tense) it was always a game of are they, aren't they. Just the same, many people didn't know Dylan and Britt were a thing until fairly recently.

They Both Support Their Significant Other

Remember when Emma supported Andrew on his first SNL show? Well, Dylan was super cute when he promoted his girlfriend's latest movie, The Longest Ride.

They Both Started Dating Around the Same Time

Andrew and Emma confirmed their relationship in 2011, the same time Dylan and Britt met on set of their movie. What a coincidence!

They Both Make Us Jealous and Happy For Them At The Same Time

We can't help but feel envious of their adorable relationships. But we let it slide because we love them both too much.

BONUS: Emma and Britt Both Played Steve Carell's Daughter

Okay, now it's just getting weird. We all remember Emma in Crazy, Stupid, Love, but Britt also played Steve's daughter in Dan in Real Life.

They're Both Super Cute Together

Seriously, is there anyone more perfect than these pairings. Please Andrew and Emma get back together soon!

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