7 Real Life Uses For Michelle Tanner Catchphrases

Full House is one of those shows that will always be timeless. No matter how long ago the last episode aired, and how ridiculous the '90s hairstyles look to our modern eyeballs, there's something about the classic sitcom that holds true no matter how cool our space suits and flying cars turn out to be. (I was promised both of the above, and I won't accept it as the future until I get them.) Anyways, Full House is not only a timeless classic, but also created plenty of catchphrases that worked their way into our vocabulary.

And of all the characters in the Tanner house, probably the biggest culprit (or whatever the word for "culprit" is when it's a good thing), for coming up with zingers was probably Michelle Tanner, as played by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. From the moment that little nugget learned to talk, she was spouting off hilarious comebacks and witty takedowns, all packaged into a neat little soundbite. She was the master, and she may never be replaced, so we might as well all embrace it and start integrating these gems into our 2015 vocabularies. You'd be surprised at how often her zingers come in handy when used in real life situations. Check it out:

"No Way, Jose"

Usage: When your best friend is sick and she tells you to feel free to go out and have fun, she can take care of herself.

"You Got It, Dude"

Usage: When your boss asks you to complete a particularly painstaking task, shoot him a big 'ol smile, a thumbs up, and say: "You got it, dude!"

"Aw, Nuts!"

Usage: When you specifically asked for no nuts in your salad but they put the dang nuts in anyway.

"Oh, Please!"

Usage: Accepting a compliment at deflecting it at the same time, like when you and your BFF wear the same outfit, and she tries to tell you you look good in it, when actually you know you both look equally fab.


Usage: Responding to any sentence with the following words in it — "cheese," "Chipotle," "Netflix," "red wine," "high tea with Taylor Swift," "French bulldog puppies," "Tina and Amy," etc. Answer first, follow up for clarifications later.

"You're In Big Trouble, Mister!"

Usage: Giving yourself a pep talk in the morning when you wake up hungover for a very important meeting.

"Let's Roll, Daddy-O"

Usage: Psyching your dog up to go for a walk.

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