An 'Originals' & 'Reign' Crossover Would Be Great

Some things you just know go well together: orange juice and champagne; Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell; Nutella and pretty much anything. These are just simple facts, you guys. However, I've come to discover that sometimes even the most unlikely of pairings can result in something just as equally phenomenal. And therein lies the beauty and overall genius of the crossover episode, thus making two already fantastic shows join forces for one amazing hour of television magic. That's the dream of any diehard entertainment lover! And while we've seen many different team ups come to pass throughout the years (especially lately), I think the next big crossover should be between The Originals and Reign .

Sure, on the outside they may seem just a little too different to really mesh well together. (I mean, it's not as if we're accustomed to see vampires walking around the French Court with Francis and Mary.) But let me assure you that these two CW favorites would make for a truly dynamic duo in more ways than one. In fact, as a way to help further prove my point, I've taken the liberty of listing precisely why this particular crossover would prove to make such a delicious (and highly watchable) combo.

The Fashion Would Be On Fleek

Between Mary's stunning gowns and Elijah's dapper suits, this would hands down become the most stylish ensemble the world has ever seen. Heck, they could just spend the entire episode walking around in beautiful wardrobes and I'd still tune in to watch. It'd be like experiencing our own personal supernatural fashion week!

Royal Playdates Could Be Arranged

Something tells me that Francis and Lola's son, John Phillip, would get along famously with Klaus and Haley's adorable daughter, Hope. Not only would this pretty much be the cutest playdate ever, but it could also signify the beginning of an unstoppable alliance. I mean, just imagine if these two families merged. Forget about just ruling over New Orleans, France, and Scotland. John and Hope could eventually get married and reign over entire continents. Or, if Klaus had his way, the whole wide world.

Francis' Life Could Be Ensured With A Few Drops Of Blood

You know how we're always so worried about that pesky little prophecy eventually getting fulfilled with Francis' death? Well, if Klaus & Co. were around, we could finally put our minds at ease. Just a few drops of vampire blood should be enough to either cure him or at least ensure that if he did die, he'd become an immortal vampire. Either way, it means the King of France would never have to leave our television screens ever. Long may he reign, indeed!

Cami Could Fix Francis & Mary's Marriage

It's been a rough season for Francis and Mary 'shippers. But all of that could change if Cami was able to put that psychology degree of hers to good use on our beloved king and queen. All they'd need is a few sessions of couple's counseling and hopefully these two lovebirds would be able to reignite that spark we've grown to love. Please?

Catherine & Klaus Would Be BFFs

No one has a more cold and calculating mind than that of these two unstoppable forces. I would love to see them on-screen together and witness just what kind of devious plans the two of them would concoct. Poisons and daggers would abound.

New Romances Would Emerge

With both Haylijah and Frary on the outs (at least for now), it opens up the possibility of new and exciting love triangles. (Anyone else really love the idea of Elijah and Kenna together or is that just me?) Regardless, such a crossover would be a great way to heat things up on set — quite literally.

Yet Another Chance To See Klaus & Elijah In Old-Timey Garb

Which, let's face it, makes this whole idea well worth it by itself.

Images: Skip Bolen, Sven Frenzel (2), Tina Rowden, Sven Frenzel (2), Annette Brown (2), Guy D'Alema, Ben Mark Holzberg, Bob Mahoney/The CW