Tim Walker, Fashion Photographer, Inspires Fantastical Fashion — Check Out These 13 Items To Channel Your Own Fairytale

A legend in the realm of fashion photography, Tim Walker creates ethereal, fantasy landscapes. Walker has also photographed numerous celebrities, ranging from top models such as Karen Elson, to fashion designers like Alexander McQueen. His work has graced the pages of Vogue too many times to count, and in fact Walker's most recent shoot is in British Vogue's May edition.

From butterflies to dolls to fairytale characters, Walker's subjects get to play dress up as a myriad of fantasy beings. Now it's your turn! Be inspired by the iconic fashion photographer and let your dreams become a reality.

Image: Instagram/misskarenelson

The Toy Soldier Style Jacket

Denim & Supply By Ralph Lauren Military Jacket, $332, asos.com

The Long-Trained Blue Dress

Dorotty Extra Long Royal Blue Chiffon Maternity Gown, $95, etsy.com

The Swan Princess Feathered Skirt

Multi-Layer Hackle Feather Skirt, $65, etsy.com

The Butterfly Mask

ASOS Filigree Butterfly Mask, $18, asos.com

The Clown Ruff

Luxury Pierrot Clown Ruff, $21, etsy.com

The Dolly Dress

1950s Bright Yellow Dress, $135, etsy.com

The White Gloves

Vintage French Gloves, $20, etsy.com

The Veiled Hat

1980s Antique White Wedding Hat with Veil, $20, etsy.com

The Antler Headdress

Gothic Antler Headdress, $150, etsy.com

The Ballerina Skirt

Sky Blue Floor Length Tulle Skirt, $182, etsy.com

The Mermaid Skirt

Mermaid Sequin Skirt, $100, etsy.com

The Winged Cloak

Monarch Butterfly Fairy Cape, $94, etsy.com

The Rabbit Ear Headband

Honey Bunny Lace Rabbit Ear Headband, $14, etsy.com