Brandi Glanville Used to Be a Model — Here's Proof

by Kayla Hawkins

It that should be no surprise to Bravo fans or anyone who's sat through an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that Brandi Glanville was a model back in the '90s. She even made an appearance on The Real Housewives of New York last season to reminisce about her pedigree with fellow former model and current Housewife Kristen Taekman. These two have been friends since the '90s, when Brandi did the majority of her modeling (before her marriage, kids, and fame came along). Oh, and she hasn't stopped getting in front of the camera, either — she's promoting her wine, her books, and her podcast with a smize.

Ever since she was cast in 2011, people have been on the lookout for Brandi's best work from her catalog days. Starcasm collected a good number of Brandi's classic modeling pictures, including ones that don't seem to be available anywhere else anymore, since Brandi made her Instagram private and got rid of her YFrog account (ye olde photo posting site).You may also have seen some pics in episode 4 of Season 3 of RHOBH.

But even though she looks a little different now — it has been over 20 years, after all — even in these early modeling pics, we can still recognize our favorite Beverly Hills Housewife in the details. Seriously, Brandi has changed surprisingly little. If not for the undeniably early '90s fashion, I'd guess that these pics came from two years ago (well, maybe after a really great dermatologist visit).

She Still Has The Same Resting Face

Brandi has kind of a strange default expression. It's not quite Resting Bitch Face, but there's plenty of attitude there and a little bit of blankness. And occasionally her mouth hangs open a little in seeming disbelief. On RHOBH, it's usually in reaction to someone accusing her of doing something shady or whenever Kim Richards says something unintelligible. Here, it's a reaction to the hat she's expected to pull off.

And The Same Bone Structure

Accompanied by the same sideeye that would be directed at Lisa Vanderpump years later. A great face never quits. She'll be throwing that look over her shoulder at 85 years old.

And The Same A-mah-zing Figure

Yes, that is the same picture. But note the angle includes those long legs. One big change in the past 20 years? Brandi would now be wearing a miniskirt to show them off. Back then she seems to have preferred to keep a little mystery alive.

She Still Appreciates A Little PDA

I know Brandi totally met this dude on the day of the shoot and all of that chemistry was improvised — because she's a professional after all — but can't you just imagine the voiceover if she was doing this shoot during a season of Beverly Hills? Brandi loves to flirt.

She's Always Been Surrounded By Beautiful Women

This is not technically a modeling photo, but like all of the models of the 1990s, her behind the scenes pictures are even more classic than her real photo shoots.

And She'll Never Quit Working The Lens

On Celebrity Apprentice, Brandi had to do a modeling challenge for Cosmopolitan. Even though she probably should have kept her shirt on (the shoot was supposed to be about Olympians), she couldn't help but steal all the attention with her sexier take. The camera still loves her!

Image: Charles Sykes/Bravo