It Looks Like Selena & Zedd Are Over

It's a tough day for young love and those fans who worship the young talent of Hollywood. Like Ariana Grande and Big Sean, Selena Gomez and Zedd have reportedly split. For those who were thrilled to see Gomez move on from Justin Bieber, well, it looks like the singer is once again single. According to an insider who spoke with Hollywood Life, Gomez and Zedd parted ways and decided it was best to just be friends. The source revealed,

Zedd and Selena have decided to be friends. Zedd is all about getting his album ready and being out of the magazines and Selena is all about her movies, Mexico, and music. They have just drifted apart romantically but have remained really good friends.

Well, at least they've seemingly remained friends, right? The source added, “When they were working on promotion for their song everything seemed to be going great but then they went back to their normal lives and figured that they weren’t missing each other.”

Seeing as the two were only together for, reportedly, four months, it's probably a good thing they realized sooner rather than later that they make better friends than significant others. Let's be honest, Gomez probably doesn't want another breakup like she had with Bieber.

Of course, there's always the chance that Gomez and Zedd will get back together. However, according to the source, “They may come back to the relationship but the friendship side of things seems to be whats important to them both right now.”

With that said, I wouldn't get too upset over the news just yet. First, the two never confirmed they were an actual couple in the first place, so maybe they're only friends, which means this breakup news is nothing to be sad about. Also, maybe these split rumors are just that — rumors. So, there's a good chance Gomez and Zedd are still dating — that is, if they really are a couple.