Lilly Pulitzer's Resale Value Is Insane

Basic gals everywhere are battling it out for Lilly Pulitzer for Target, and now the fray has migrated to the Internet. Apparently, we are all so enamored with cute tropical prints that the line for Target sold out in the blink of an eye, and now Lilly Pulitzer's resale value has doubled on sites like eBay.

Target released a womenswear and housewares capsule collection for Target just yesterday, and already the products are as elusive as unicorns. Women lined up outside of Targets across the country to raid the store, determined to bring every piece of pink paisley home with them. They were successful. Most stores are completely sold out, and now people are reselling the items on sites like eBay for twice the price. A shift dress originally priced at $38 in store sold for $84 on eBay. One online shopper paid $70 more for a tote than its original retail price. A $50 weekender bag at Target became a $138 bag online — for the same price, you can order the bag directly from the Lilly Pulitzer online store.

I think all these bright, preppy colors are getting people worked up and feisty. The comment sections of these resale posts are nasty. People are calling big time BS on prices and sellers. Mark-ups are making shoppers mad, and many are refusing to pay more for the product simply out of principal. Some shoppers bulked up with the intention of reselling online, and that seems to unappreciated by fans.

Let's be honest: it's Target's bad. The LP brand and Target have been promoting this launch for months. The launch was delayed due to excessive online traffic that crashed the site, and even when it went live only a limited number of shoppers could access the site. This isn't Target's first rodeo, so they can't claim naiveté: their Missoni collection crashed the store's site for several hours in 2011. Ultimately, these launches drive customers to stores, but more shoppers leave feeling angry than satisfied. We wonder how they'll change things for their next collaboration. Perhaps they'll put a limit on how many items a shopper can buy online? There's got to be a fair and just way!

Images: NewlyWedsNorth/Instagram