The Ogre Wasn't Who He Claimed To Be on 'Gotham'

Every crook gets caught eventually in Gotham City when Jim Gordon is on his tail, and the Ogre is no exception. And Gotham revealed that the Ogre's real identity is Jason Skolimiski, the son of a poor servant who simply lived in the home of a wealthy older woman, but wasn't actually a part of her family. And to get to that revelation, Gotham made use out of several reliable cop thriller tropes. Ah, yes, viewers were treated to the classic "scratch out all the photos" scene. Follow that with a deathbed scene even more grim than the living corpse from Se7en, and you have a pretty insane episode of crime-stopping.

Pretty bizarre that Lennon's father decided to keep a desiccated corpse in the same house with him just to keep his son safe. Harvey Bullock called him out immediately, thankfully — we can always rely on Harvey to say whatever the audience is thinking. While interrogating Jason's father, the show revealed that not only was the Ogre not the rich man he pretends to be, but Jason became convinced he was her real son, but he also used to have a facial deformity that left him with significant scarring. Actually, when they doctored the image of Milo Ventimiglia to show his face before plastic surgery, it looked almost unbelievable. He... didn't even have a nose growing up? While I'm not totally sold on the medical accuracy of the image, it's pretty obvious why growing up with that face would be difficult, especially when not one, but two mother figures abandoned him.

But even more surprising than the Ogre's revelations was his connection to Barbara. Instead of kidnapping and killing her, he took her in, giving her the chance to join him in his murderous lifestyle. While most people would be horrified at the revelation that he has a torture chamber in his bedroom, did she... smile? Maybe Barbara will join the Ogre.

Wow, sounds like he may have found what he was looking for. Though when the whole "I've killed every woman in my life" thing comes up, he might have a harder time convincing her to stick around.

Image: Jessica Miglio/FOX; Giphy (2)