Chris Soules Finally Came Into His Own On 'DWTS'

That's what The Bachelor fans were hoping for! After several tough weeks in the competition, on Monday's Dancing With the Stars, Chris Soules and Witney Carson scored their highest number yet. The duo was coming off another low score during Disney Night, when Chris was forced to perform on an injured calf muscle. That night they only scored a 27. But now that his leg has healed a little, he's like a new man.

This week, he and Witney seemed determined to prove the haters wrong. "I think people forget that Chris is a farmer, not a dancer," Witney reminded everyone. But this week, Chris was both. Their sweet waltz to "Hopelessly Devoted to You" was everything the fans and judges alike wanted. For the first time in the season, Chris and Witney really looked like they belonged together and it made the dance so much better.

"I'm seriously so blown away," Julianne Hough commented. "You were so confident out there." Bruno Tonioli was equally impressed saying, "Look at him go! I just couldn't believe it he was doing all these lines and interpreting the music!"

What a difference a week makes! Their romantic number scored the pair a 31 out of 40, which is the highest score they've gotten all season.

It seems like now that Chris has a healthy leg and a strong connection with his partner, there's no stopping him. If ever there was a moment to use this triumphant photo, it's now.

Images: Adam Taylor/ABC (2)