T-Rav's Campaign Manager Was Totally Out Of Line

Much of this season of Southern Charm has been focused on Thomas Ravenel’s now ill-fated run for South Carolina’s Senate, and for good reason: The thing is a goshdarn mess. I can’t fault Thomas for wanting to better himself and run for office, but it’s not like he was going to win at all. Come on. Anyway, Thomas is totally letting his campaign manager, Amy, take control of his whole life. Sometimes, I agree with Thomas here, and other times, Amy seems like Gone Girl’s Amazing Amy, just seconds from framing all of us for her murder and killing another man in cold blood.

Amy sat down with Whitney and Thomas to talk about Thomas’ infamous "raise the roof" campaign ad, which Whitney conceptualized and produced. When Amy tells Whitney that the press hates this ad and that no one is going to take Thomas seriously as a Senatorial candidate if his campaign ads are all him dancing on a roof, Whitney is immediately bruised like a peach. Dude, you are in your late forties. You have to learn to take constructive criticism.

Whitney counteracts Amy's claims by saying that South Carolinians want to vote for T. Rav, not Thomas Ravenel, which, Whitney, no they definitely don’t. When the trio gets another opinion that the ad sucks, Whitney is all petulant and tells Amy, “You’re going to waste his money, unfortunately, and he’s going to get killed in the election.” Totes classy, Whit. Amy wins this round, and I think she’s totally right here. No one wants to see their elected official dancing with a bunch of underage girls on a roof. At least not if it’s not on TMZ.

Later, though, Kathryn, Thomas’ baby momma, leaves Thomas a voicemail checking in on her man and asking if he wants her to bring him anything to eat. That’s nice, right? Normal couple stuff. Kathryn is really trying to make things work here, and I admire her for that. Then, Amy, gatherer of Thomas’ electronic devices, texts back Kathryn that Thomas is preparing for his upcoming debate and can’t talk to his lady FOR THE NEXT THREE DAYS. Um, what? You have a child with this woman and you can’t talk to her just to say hi? If you can’t spare five minutes to talk to the mother of your baby, you probably shouldn’t even debate. Just give it up now.

If Thomas knew what was good for him, his campaign, and his life, he would can Amy ASAP, and he wouldn’t let her talk to Kathryn like that. When Kathryn tells Craig that Amy “is nuts,” I can’t help but agree. I hope she doesn't last too long on Southern Charm.

Images: Brianna Stello/Bravo; Giphy (2)